Digital Influencer Summit 2024: Shaping Innovation, Ethics, and Influence

Digital Influencer Summit

Embark on a transformative journey at the Digital Influencer Summit 2024, a pivotal four-day event in the Philippines. This summit is a convergence of digital influencers, content creators, marketers, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts. Delve into innovative trends, strategies, and advancements shaping the future of digital influence. Whether you're an aspiring influencer, a seasoned content creator, or a business leveraging digital platforms, this summit promises invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and practical workshops to elevate your digital journey.

The Theme "Shaping Innovation, Ethics, and Influence"

This overarching theme ties together each day's specific focus, providing a comprehensive narrative that speaks to the challenges, opportunities, and future direction of the digital influencing landscape. It aims to inspire, educate, and empower attendees, fostering a forward-thinking and responsible approach to digital influence.

  • Innovation: Reflecting the focus on emerging technologies like AI and ML, and how they're reshaping content creation and digital marketing strategies.
  • Ethics: Addressing the increasing importance of ethical practices in digital influencing, balancing profitability with social responsibility, and focusing on sustainability.
  • Influence: Emphasizing the evolving role of digital influencers, from content creators and marketers to entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Digital Influencer Survey Report

We will be presenting the Digital Influencer Survey Results this February 3, 2024. We invite you to participate in this survey to help capture the pulse of the Digital Filipino Influencer Community.

The report will cover insights of survey participants on:
  • Basic Info & Digital Influencer Trends
  • Latest Technologies, AI, ML in Content Creation
  • Ethics in the Digital Age
  • Diversifying Income & Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Leveraging influencer networks for wider reach.
  • Mastering niche content and building engaged communities
  • Eco-consciousness in digital influencing
  • Affiliate marketing for digital influencers


Our warm thanks to the sponsors for making this event possible. 

PLATINUM sponsor: Siybauco Insurance
Siybauco Insurance

Our warm thanks to community partners: FHMoms, Blogapalooza, and FOPSCO for supporting this event.


January 6: "Ethics and Innovation in Digital Influence"

(Webinar via Zoom)

This day is centered on understanding the ethical implications and innovative practices in the digital influencing realm, highlighting the role of AI and Machine Learning in shaping the future of digital content.

2:00 PM Navigating the Future: Digital Influencer Trends in 2024 (Janette Toral)

Unravel the emerging trends in the digital influencer space for 2024.

3:00 PM Ethics in the Digital Age: Balancing Profit and Responsibility (Dr. Nikita Kyla Talens, Skin Philosophie)

The ethics of digital influence and the balance between profitability and social responsibility.

4:00 PM The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Content Creation (Fleire Castro, DashoContent)

The transformative role of AI and Machine Learning in content creation.

January 13: The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Digital Influence

(Webinar via Zoom)

Day two dives into the entrepreneurial aspects of digital influencing, exploring how influencers can expand their reach, build engaged communities, and turn their digital influence into sustainable business ventures.

4:00 PM Creative Entrepreneurship for Influencers (Bert Azura Padilla, TekWorx)

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and learn how to leverage your digital presence into a sustainable business.

5:00 pm Leveraging Influencer Networks for Wider Reach (Ace Gapuz, Blogapalooza)

Explore the power of influencer networks and collaborative projects for extended reach and influence.

6:00 pm Mastering Niche Content: Building Engaged Communities (MK Bertulfo, Filipina Homebased Moms) 

Dive deep into niche content creation and learn how to build and sustain a highly engaged community.

January 20: Sustainability and Monetization Strategies

(Webinar via Zoom)

The third day addresses the growing importance of sustainability in digital content and various monetization strategies, helping influencers align their work with eco-conscious values while exploring diverse income sources.

2:00 PM Diversifying Income: Beyond Traditional Revenue Streams (Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, Wealth Arki)

Discover innovative ways to diversify your income streams beyond traditional advertising and sponsorships.

3:00 PM The Next Wave of Digital Influence (Ronwald Urquiola of TA-FBDI))

Discussion on what lies ahead in the world of digital influence.

4:00 PM The Rise of Eco-Consciousness in Digital Influence: Connecting with the Green-Inclined Consumer (Germaine Angeles-Reyes, Synergy Market Research)

Explore the growing trend of eco-consciousness in digital content and its impact on brand identity. Connect with like-minded individuals and discuss strategies to reach the eco-conscious consumer.

January 27: Authenticity and Technological Advancement


Webinar via Zoom

Face to Face Event Venue: Club Filipino, San Juan City, Metro Manila

The 4th day is dedicated to balancing authenticity with technological advancements. It focuses on how influencers can maintain their authentic voice amidst the evolving digital landscape and utilize the latest tools and platforms to enhance their influence.

1:00 pm Entertainment & Networking: Musical Performance by Cerise Limueco

1:15 Digital Influencer Survey Results & Trends for 2024 (Janette Toral)

2:00 pm Panel: Crafting Authentic Content in an AI World (Dems Angeles, Cerise Limueco, and Pauline Galvez Rodriguez, and more)

Learn how to maintain authenticity and creativity in an AI-driven digital landscape.

2:45 pm Latest Tools & Platforms for Digital Influencers (Sherlane Fortunado, FOPSCO)

Tech Demo with the latest tools and platforms revolutionizing the digital influencer industry.

3:15 pm Sponsor Talk: Siybauco Insurance Referral Program

3:45 pm Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

Gain insights from successful case studies in affiliate marketing.

4:30 pm RAFFLE & Group Photo

February 3: Digital Influencer Report Release

(Webinar via Zoom)

Join us for Day 5 of the Digital Influencer Summit Series – a special BONUS session packed with insights and groundbreaking revelations!

2:00 PM Digital Influencer Report Unveiled: Get the first look at the comprehensive findings of the Digital Influencer Survey. Arm yourself with the latest data to shape your strategies for the year!

3:00 PM Sponsor Spotlight: A huge shout-out to Jaime Siybauco of Siybauco Insurance, whose unwavering support has fueled our 5-day summit series from the start.

4:00 PM Deep Dive into Affiliate Marketing: Master the Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, these tips are gold!

🚀 Don't Miss Out on this value-laden session that could redefine your digital influence journey.


Target Audience

The Summit invites a diverse range of attendees, including:

  • Aspiring and established influencers from various platforms.

  • Content creators and producers in writing, videography, podcasting, and photography.

  • Social media managers and strategists.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners leveraging digital platforms.

  • Marketing professionals seeking influencer collaboration.

  • Advertising and PR agency representatives.

  • Technology enthusiasts and developers.

  • Media representatives and journalists.

  • Academics and students in marketing, communication, and media studies.

  • Eco-conscious consumers and advocates.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility professionals.

Benefits of Joining the Event

Attendees will gain:

  • Comprehensive industry knowledge of trends and strategies.

  • Extensive networking opportunities.

  • Skill enhancement in content creation and monetization.

  • Insights into sustainability in digital influence.

  • Guidance on transitioning from content creation to entrepreneurship.

  • Exposure to the latest technological trends.

  • Strategies for ethical digital influencing.

  • Forecasts on future digital influencing trends.

  • Techniques for personal brand development.

  • Marketing insights for effective influencer collaboration.

Join us at the Digital Influencer Summit 2024 for an enriching experience that promises to redefine your digital influence journey.

Partnership Opportunities

Help us bring this event to your organization, company, or community. 

Contact Janette Toral at 09174490011 or via Facebook or LinkedIn to inquire about these sponsorship opportunities. We don’t share participant information with sponsors. Instead, we encourage sponsors to create call-to-action opportunities and activities at the event.

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