My Fitness Scare at Covid-19

Two years ago, I began documenting my better health journey where one of the primary indicators is my weight. I started at 185 pounds back in April 2019 and was able to go down to 151 by May 2000.

However, when Covid-19 happened, a lot has changed with our lifestyle. 

Perhaps the biggest scare for me was when you see journey companions encountered a dramatic weight loss due to health concerns. When diet got reduced to what I should be having if I really want to be healthy. 

But at the same time thinking, if I reach my desired weight range of 130-140 lbs, will I start experiencing health concerns too? 

This fitness scare made me fall off the wagon. Although I am mostly vegan now, I became undisciplined with my snacks and fasting routine. I am back on the 160+ range again. Family members are concerned with my snack routine.

I also know that if I don't get myself accountable with the discipline needed, I won't be able to finish my health-related coaching certifications.

So I am restarting this blog post series with the desire to overcome my challenges and sharing that journey. I am committing to doing the work in detangling my body, mind, and spirit connection to food.


Dear God,
I thank you for your great love, your healing power, blessings, and that you have provided me the guidance, wisdom, and knowledge I need to walk in the divine health that You desire my body and soul to have.
I humbly ask you to provide me peace, the spirit of self-control, and help me be strong in the face of temptation. To have the discipline and obedience to make the right choices.
I give my life and my body to you. I am Yours and will carry out the purpose you have planned for me. Amen.


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