Creating a 100-days Speaking Challenge for Aspiring Speakers

I think it is usual that when you want to improve, you want to do it asap and see the results as quickly as possible. Especially in the online world we live today where you see competition, old or new, threatening your income or relevance.

I have started my adventures in freelancing and e-commerce through public speaking and content writing. Sharing my opinions and insights to people who want to listen and learn. It has opened a lot of doors leading to opportunities and friendships too.

This year, I began contemplating ways how can I help an aspiring public speaker improve. Not by copying another speaker's style but finding their own.

That is when the idea of forming a 100-days Speaking Challenge came to mind. This is where you will review lessons, watch a speaking demo, join weekly discussions with peers, submit your demo talk video, and receive feedback from peers.

You can attend a seminar on public speaking and join a community where you can put it to the test. But how far will you go in pushing yourself towards improving your speaking skills and not only use techniques you are most comfortable with?

This question, I also had to ask myself. So I took on my own challenge and commit to producing 30 to 50 talks performing the exercises required in the Maxwell Speakers Club community I facilitate. We have 26 lessons where each one has 1 to 6 exercises.

I will start sharing some of the videos soon and launch the 100-days Speaking Challenge when ready.

Will you be interested in taking part in a 100-days Speaking Challenge? Send me a private message on our Facebook Page or Twitter.

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