Our warm thanks to folks who joined our "Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Pitching Contest".

The winners who will get a scholarship slot in our Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program (worth P30,000) that will start this April 21 are:
Winners will also get a module 1 scholarship in the Digital Influencer Marketing Program (worth P10,000).

I am supposed to give one slot only. However, as their scores are too close to one another, I decided to give 3 slots instead.

Thank you for joining.

Support for Content Creators

If you are a blogger (whether newbie or novice) and want to sustain your blog through crowdfunding (and you need help), I can also give you a scholarship slot in our module 1 - "Blog Launch, Copywriting, and Social Media Promotions" (worth P10,000) that will start this April 21. 

All you need to do are the following:
  1. Sign-up for a Patreon account.
  2. Sign-up for a Payoneer account.
  3. Become a patron (regardless of amount) for at least April and May 2017.
  4. Send me a private message and express your interest to become a module 1 scholar.

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