Taking on New Challenges for 2015

Like many, I have my share of planning for 2015. Reviewing on all the stuff I decided to do, I realized a lot of them were "first time" for me to do it. Let me share them with you from a "sharpen the saw" perspective:


1. Rolling out an 11 module training program

My Certified E-Commerce Specialist, E-Commerce Entrepreneur, and E-Commerce Professional Program will start on January 17 and this will run all the way to 2016.

It is my first time to implement a training program as big as this one. However, if all goes well, I look forward to see more schools in 2016 offering Diploma in Electronic Commerce and Bachelor of Science in Electronic Commerce as higher learning options.

2. Take the Real Estate Broker Exam this May 2015.

I took the 120 units Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar early this year but was not able to take the exam. However, as 2015 is the last chance for the public to take it, I decided to make time and will take the exam.

3. Diversify knowledge.

Take at least 4 learning programs in the areas of cybercrime, taxation, programming, masteral studies, nutrition, and swimming.


1. Running + Gym + Body Sculpting

In the past year, much of my fitness program evolves on running and cross-fit gets added as the opportunity arises. However, from July to November 2014, family developments caused priorities to shift.

As planned, I resumed with my running again and this time complimented it with a more active gym schedule. To support it further, I signed up with Skin Philosophie UK (located at Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City) to avail their RF treatment called "Body Sculpting using Intra-Therma RF".

With once to twice a week allotted for running, gym, body sculpting (and diet of course), I hope to achieve my desired strength (being able to do long distance runs), speed (improve pace in running), fitness (fit enough to do adventurous activities).

2. Overcome skin pigmentation

When I visited Dr. Kyla Talens of Skin Philosophie UK, we started with a consultation session where she asked what were my concerns and would like to achieve. In addition to having a tighter overall fitness program, one question I raised to her is what I can do to ensure that the pigmentation on my face won't exacerbate.

She gave me practical UV protection advise. I realized that sunblock is something one must put on whether a person stays indoors or outdoors. Otherwise, even if you have clear skin today, pigmentation will just pop out one day.

Out of curiosity, I also signed up for their "Kensington Brightening Deep Peel (TCA)" and had my first treatment yesterday. Look forward seeing skin improvements soon.

(When I first posted this photo on social media, I got inquiries on how Skin Philosophie UK can be reached. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyla Talens at 0917-8860646.)

3. Run 21k and 42k this 2015.

Although I was able to do a 21k run in one of my practice sessions this 2014, I intend to join races this 2015 to do 21k and 42k runs.

As I got back to running again, I developed a run routine that aims to gradually build my endurance and speed. I felt this is better rather than just aiming to be able to complete a distance without regard if I can sustain it regularly and suffer an injury in the process.

4. Return to dragon boat paddling

I miss my Triton Dragon Boat racing team. Hopefully, as I get back into shape, will also return to the team again and participate in races.

Social / Emotional

1. Make time to connect with at least 30 people a day - online, face-to-face, friends, family, loved ones.

2. Collaborate with at least 12 students, club members, clients on various projects.


I will reach out with total trust and touch the God in all things.

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