Eating Habits Change, Exercise, Rest, and Make-Over

My inconsistent diet discipline for the past 2 months finally caught up with me yesterday as I began experiencing chest discomfort. Made me realize that I ate more than what my body needs in the past few weeks and a reminder that I need to fix it.

Last week also, I had this lower back pain that resting for 2 days didn't help. I started taking Alaxan and began analyzing if it is something else (like an injury). But after meeting a friend and heeding his advice, I went back to dragon boat practice session and the back pain disappeared. Just realized how out of tune have my mind became again with exercise and stretching (as my natural instinct in the past for back pain is to go swimming).

Decided to do the following to get my system back in order:
  1. Do 15 minutes to 30 minutes exercise daily if possible that includes stretching.
  2. Less coffee. More water.
  3. Change diet gradually. Take Gaviscon to manage chest discomfort.
  4. Sleep when the body ask for it.
  5. Go for annual check-up and get checked.
Replenish and make-over

Last February 2013, I made a decision to stop wearing make-up. I thought if men could look great onstage and on pictures without make-up, I should be able to do the same. Since I get photographed with men, most of the time, had no regrets with that decision so far.

I guess when you don't wear make-up, a question asked among friends is the supplements I take. Have not been consistent in taking any unless the need for it arises. As I usually get tense in events or activities I organize, and they get obvious in my photos taken, that is the time I usually take it to help manage.

One of them is ivi Collagen Ready to Drink. It has 10,000 milligrams of marine collagen peptide. I like that part of its benefits is to lighten dark spots as mine tends to really show when I am stressed out. Marine collagen is also good for joints and bone help. As I run from time to time, taking this drink also helps in tissue healing and repair. However, if you think the 10,000 milligrams is too much for you, you can also take the Ivi Premium Powder Drink that has 5,000 milligrams of marine collagen peptide.

Rebond by Freshaire

Met Danella at #goab last week.
Last week, I was given a make-over treat by blogger Jeoff Solas at Freshaire (The Block at SM North EDSA). It was actually my first time to try them. Supposed to just avail the manicure and pedicure treat. But when Jeoff mentioned that I should try their Rebond service, decided to give it a go. There was a time I like going to salons and having a hair fix. My favorites then were Bench Fix, Piandre, and David's Salon. But as they get crowded and commercialized, my interest dwindled.

As I tend to get picky with who touches my hair, Jeoff sharing the background of Freshaire and how long most of its personnel have been working there gave the confidence I need.

Will definitely go back there soon and try their other services.

While I was at Geeks on a Beach last week, the rebond treat made me more confident in letting go of my hair without worrying it will "buhaghag" later.

Thank you so much again to Jeoff Solas for the great Freshaire treat. I also learned a lot from Jeoff's talk at the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit last September 21. Will share them in another post.

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