100 Most Influential Filipino and Filipina for 2013

I often get asked, in the process of identifying Filipino men or Filipina women influencers, what parameters do you need to look at to effectively gauge and be able to say - that person's influence transcends online and offline.

If Time 100 will be used as a gauge, parameters used includes:
  1. Status or public possession of power
  2. Influence on events of our time
  3. Moral example
  4. Persons whose ideas, example, talent, discoveries transform the world we live in.
However, public officials who have inherit power tied to their position are not included unless they have done something extra-ordinary at the period covered.

Time 100 listed 20 persons for each of the following categories:
  1. Leaders & Revolutionaries
  2. Builders & Titans
  3. Artists & Entertainers
  4. Scientists & Thinkers (including Pioneers)
  5. Heroes & Icons
I think defining a Top 100 for Filipinos (Filipino Men and Filipina Women) needs a similar form of discipline and format. It needs to be measurable or can be gauge as well.

Last year, an attempt to come up with a Digital Influencers Marketing Awards was mounted using only metrics gathered online. As the initial data was gathered, I consulted two search engine and social media marketing peers. Realized then that it was not conclusive enough and had to defer it.

With the changes happening in the online space and how it now closely impact offline activities, I think we are ready to measure this in an unbiased and authentic manner.

Will share my observations this Saturday, September 21, at the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit.

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