Seeing the Daylight - reading good news about the Philippines and Pinoys

A lot of things are happening in the Philippines today. Monitoring the news gives a combination of both good, bad, and ugly updates.

However, if there is one thing I certainly appreciate - that is how the government, especially at the top office of the land, embraces social media to spread the word about what it is doing.

I don't get to monitor the news often. However, receiving the Daylight newsletter weekly makes me optimistic about our country's future. (You can receive this weekly update by just visiting the and subscribe to the newsletter.)

Some suggestions I have in mind - to make the site more useful is to have a podcast version of the President's speeches. Although the transcripts are there, it will be helpful if they can be listened to at the same time.

There are a lot of challenges and issues that we all as a country have to hurdle along the way. Let's celebrate our country's progress while remaining vigilant - expecting a better performing government to lay the groundwork - helping businesses, professionals, and the workforce thrive.

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