Slow Down for Recovery and Re-Learning to Swim (Strength Building - 2nd Month - 2970 minutes)

Month 2 #ntc
Last May 31, my strength building programme has reached its 2nd month.

As of this writing, I have clocked in a total of 2970 minutes using the Nike Training Club application.

Did 10 runs for a total of 33.20 miles.

Re-learning how to swim
Last week, re-started my swimming program but this time without fins.

It was difficult as my lack of swimming, the dependence on fins, and not having a companion unable me to swim on my own.

Month 2 #ntc
During the practice session, I had to use a board for my hands to hold on to as I practice breast stroke kicks without fins.

Will need to do swimming as often as possible to rebuild my confidence.

Slowed down and focused more on strength building

I slowed down with my workout and runs in the past week.

Month 2 #ntcNoticed the #ntc "get strong" series focused more on strength and did not find myself getting tired too soon. Decided to add #ntc "bonus workouts" per session.

Did a 30-minutes run at the People's Park in Davao City last May 30. Tried putting ice after the run and it seemed help in the recovery.

Preparing for another 10k run.

Since my 10k run and for the past 2 weeks, I have limited my runs to 30 minutes only with the intention of observing my right leg.

If recovery will proceed smoothly as it is now (didn't encountered pain after my 30 minute threadmill run last night although I dipped in the pool to relax), will do a 10k run this June 22.

Are you on a fitness or strength building journey too?  If yes, how are you doing?

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