Inspired by Man of Steel: Readiness, Rest, Focus, and Protection (week 11 - 3090 minutes)

Run and workout in Cebu and Bohol #ntcFor the past two weeks, I returned to my 40 to 45 minutes running time practice reaching almost 5k each time.

Was able to ran in Mactan Cebu (June 6), CPG Sports Complex Bohol (June 8), UP Diliman Academic Oval (June 12), and Teacher's Camp Track Oval in Baguio City (June 14).

My running speed in track ovals and practice sessions is usually slower compared to actual running events.

However, on the last 3 practice runs (June 8, 12, and 14), my speed is nearly the same already as my May 18 run.

Must bring during travel
my running shoes
Looking for new running shoes
One of the things I am now contemplating is to get a new pair of running shoes. Kept getting feedback from friends that I need a new one the moment they see it.

It seem to appear big on the front. Picked this one when I was given choices  at Runnr store (after doing a run analysis) as I felt more secure with it.

Nevertheless, I guess there is no harm getting an extra pair for alternate and be able to compare.

Hope to get this done after my coming 10k run.

Getting Protected
Yesterday, I tag along a blogger friend to watch the Man of Steel screening hosted by Pru Life UK at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City.

The movie surpassed my expectation. This Superman has a very emphatic and emotional aura.

It makes you contemplate of controlling your sudden anger and think about the bigger picture instead.

How a present action, no matter how justifiable, may cause bigger harm. But at the same time, heeding the call and fulfilling your destiny when the time comes.

No matter how much the Man of Steel hurt himself, he can't be brought down easily. At times when Krypton elements are present, he pushed through and fights on. If I recall correctly, he also recovers with the help of the sun.

But we are not as strong as the Man of Steel.

Runners, especially newbies like me, tend to get excited when we complete a milestone. It inspires us to do more and better next time. Oftentimes, forgetting that we need to also "recover".

Before and after the May 18 run, I shared the "ngawit" feeling on my right leg which may be due to over-stress as I increased my running time practice (+15 minutes) in 2 consecutive sessions. The May 18 event also had me run 12k instead of 10k due to wrong directions given by people manning the water stations.

From then on, I slowed down as that feeling persisted. What helped in the recovery were:

1. Did slow runs for 30 minutes in several practice sessions.

2. Drink coconut juice whenever the opportunity arises.

3. Allowing the body to rest (no workout or run) for 2 to 3 days a week helped too.

4. Getting foot and back massage once to twice a month.

5. Dip in the pool after workout or run when possible.

That "ngawit" feeling is gone so far.

Got warned by friends to be more careful as I might encounter more running injuries, accident, and may even get hit by illness if I don't give adequate time for recovery, practice preparation, and having the right shoe to run with.

Another thing that came to mind is getting myself adequately protected - insurance wise. Have been freelancing for quite sometime and my insurance coverage has been on and off.

Yesterday, I learned about Pru Life UK's two new products. Based on materials provided, they are:

1. PruLink Advance Care Plus - a regular pay unit-linked product that carries accident, disability, and critical illness benefits. It features Life Care Advance Plus rider which pays an additional mount on top of the basic insurance cover when the insured is diagnosed to have any of the listed 10 critical illnesses in the early stage such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, and brain tumor.

2. PruLink Multi Care Plus - similar to PruLink Advance Care Plus. It is formulated to pay multiple claims, up to three times for as long as the illnesses fall into separate critical illness categories. The benefit is also paid on top of the basic insurance cover and may be availed of together wit the Advanced Care variant.

Both packages may include hospital income, surgery, and ICU benefits, according to the customers' preference.

If you are not familiar with Pru Life UK, here's one of their recent television ad:

Am currently studying their offering and will likely avail of an insurance package soon.

Preparing for 10k run
Will be doing practice runs this week increasing duration by 5 minutes each time. Hope to try ULTRA track oval in Pasig this Tuesday.

If all goes well, will do a 10k run this coming weekend.

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