Train, train, train: Lessons from Bohol Dragon Boat Regatta and Running (Strength Building month 1 - 2040 minutes)

Last April 25 to 29, I was in Bohol for an E-Commerce Boot Camp and the 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Club Crew Challenge (#boholdragonboat). Knowing I will only be in Manila for 5 days this past month, I started my strength building series using the Nike Training Club (#ntc) application last March 30.

As of this writing, I clocked in 2040 minutes (34 hours) workout time using #ntc. Attended 2 Triton practice sessions and went to Bohol.

I realized it is important to make time for practice to build a sense of paddling rhythm with your team. Manage your breathing especially in the mixed team where paddling is more intense in comparison to the women team. In regattas where the best of the best competes, the fittest, strongest, and synchronized as a team are the ones that shall prevail.

Got my first medal at 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Club Crew Challenge Bohol Edition
Got my first Cobra-PDBF International Medal
Philippine Coast Guard, especially its women's team, has greatly improved and took the women's 200 meters and 500 meters championship. A top spot that Triton Dragon Boat racing team has long hold on to. Although we still manage to get runner-up spots in the women's and mixed team categories.

I guess what happened to us in the women's division can also be said as similar to what the Philippine Army and Philippine Navy has experienced. Their usual champion spot taken from them by Lake Buhi in categories that matter the most - the 2000 meters and 500 meters which is all about strength and endurance.

Dragon boat teams of Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Army, and Lake Buhi prevailed as the big 4 at the #boholdragonboat. It was a humbling and an eye opener experience. I'm sure that all of us, regardless of teams, who joined that event learned a lot and had to re-assess ourselves and our teams - to do better next time. None of us will ever be the same again if all are aiming for the highest spot. Especially if the Philippine Navy decides to actively compete in PDBF organized regattas to redeem itself as the top paddlers in the country (they reign at the top in PCKF organized events and represent the Philippines in international competitions).

2 mile run at CPG Sports Complex Tagbilaran Bohol Before returning to Manila last April 30, I did my first oval track run at the CPG Sports Complex in Bohol. I was only able to do 2.01 miles in 52 minutes. This falls short in comparison to an outdoor run I did last April 14 where I clocked in 3.46 miles in 50 minutes. Will run more and see what can be done to improve.

3460 minutes to go
The highest #ntc reward so far is 5500 minutes. Combining the #ntc workout with 2 to 3 sports activity in a month worked well for me. Hope that at the end of month 2, my strength would have significantly improved and be able to dragon boat race, run, and swim better.

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