Recovery and reflection week (strength building week 7 - 2790 minutes)

DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp BoracayMy trip to Boracay last week brought me a lot of learnings, discovery, and reflection.  This includes:

1. Realized that running on the beach can result to foot pain as the sand is not stable. This I encountered on my right foot arch area during the 2nd day of recovery run.

2. Consulted a physical therapist yesterday about my right leg concern. After several squats and form check, she noticed that I tend to put more weight on my right side. She suggested exercises that I can do to be more conscious of it whenever I work out.

Thinking about it, I realized that I was prone to side twisting my left foot whenever I get off balance. Subconsciously, this may have made me rely on my right foot side more for stability.

3. The two weeks practice session I had that got me motivated to do my first 10 run happened too soon. I realized I had to make time for more strengthening and prepare myself well before I level-up to 21k.

Boracay shots May 25 4. I was still able to do the Nike Training Club work out 3 times last week. As I focus in completing the get strong series, hope this will serve me well in preparation for the 2nd Cobra-Dragonboat regatta this June 2.

For this coming week, I intend to do the following:

1. Do 2 to 3 running sets. One in Davao (will be there for the Digital Influencer Boot Camp Davao) and at U.P. Diliman Academic Oval (after #iblog9). Need to build endurance for the 2nd Cobra-Dragonboat regatta this June 2.

2. Will start doing the pre-run workouts in the Nike Training Club as part of my program. Hope this will help me build the strength I need in the legs area.

2. Will also make time for running clinic training and physical therapy sessions to help my legs cope better as I aim to run longer distances. If all goes well, I hope to do my first 21k run this 3rd quarter.

3. Will also be fixing my schedule so I can return to swimming again soon.

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