Recognizing Body Limits: Learning How to Recover from Injury, Run, and Workouts (strength building week 6 - 2655 minutes)

I just finished a 12k run at the Nurse Corps, AFP Diamond Run (May 18, 2013). Joined the 10k category. However, some of the race marshals (including those in the water station) pointed us towards the wrong direction. As a result, we had to go back and ran another 2k just to get straws and meet the requirement for a finisher medal.

It got frustrating though that as we ran, there were no more folks giving straws and another runner had to point us to the right direction just to return at the grandstand area. I ran for 2 hours and completed 12k as a result.

Nurse Corps Run But focusing on the positive side, I can now endure running for 2 hours with a slow pace.

Managing an injury
But this week didn't quite go well actually:

1. Last Sunday, I had a sprain after working out that afternoon. My right foot felt pain and later on "ngawit" inside (whether walking or sitting) although there was no swelling.

2. Didn't ran for the whole week. Did not work-out last Monday and Friday just to manage it as the "ngawit" feeling comes and goes.

3. After the dragon boat paddling practice, had a quick foot massage last Friday though it didn't made the "ngawit" disappear.

4. Eventually decided to take Advil on Friday night and Saturday morning to see if it will help at all. It seemed to have lessen the "ngawit" feeling although it didn't it disappear.

Still did the 10k run
2655 #ntc minutes But I was still determined in doing my first 10k run and all I can do left was pray for safety. Told myself that if I would feel pain, will stop running right away.

Wore my Timex heart rate monitor and just started running. My heart rate immediately jumped to more than 150 as I started running and maintained it at around 143 then. As I ran longer, non-stop, the "ngawit" feeling on my right foot just disappeared.

Learning how to recover
Definitely, I would like to recover more effectively after my runs and go beyond the post-run usual stretching. This includes:

1. Giving the body a break from work-out daily or ensure there's variety, focusing on different muscle groups, to give time for healing in other used areas.

2. Eating and drinking right before and after work-out. Instead of energy and bottled hydration drinks, try iced green tea, coconut water, chocolate milk, and vegetable juice.

3. As I already reached the 2 hours mark in one run, focus on improving endurance further within that time frame.

What's next?

1. Will be in Boracay this coming week for my boot camps (digital leader, e-commerce, digital influencer).  It will be my first time to try running in a beach area and hope to do it for 5 days. Will also try to dragon boat paddle while there.

2. Will go back to swimming again and use it for post run recovery.

3. Will train to do a 21k run soon.

4. Hope to perform better at the June 2 Cobra-PDBF Dragon Boat Regatta.

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