Friday, April 27, 2012

Lost 4 pounds – MetaFit Challenge 1st week of 4

When I took the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge last week, I was partly skeptical if this will work for me. Was wary on how it will affect my left knee - which was injured two years ago while setting up in an exhibit (slipped and landed on left knee). This has greatly affected my mobility in the past 2 years to the point I had to hire a vehicle service wherever I go just to protect it.

To deal with it, had it checked by an orthopedic doctor, went through MRI at University Physicians Medical Center, and enrolled in a gym (Fitness First) for my therapy. Made sure that my trainer is a licensed physical therapist whose role is to ensure my left knee will regain its original strength.

But schedule with the gym trainer usually don’t match. End up having to do the routines over and over again. Later on, after getting used to it, I cancelled my gym membership and bought a medicine ball so I can exercise from home. The long repetitive routines got boring and I just stopped.

Other developments happened and just let my left knee be – which is no longer experiencing the same pain than it used to be two years ago.

So when the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge came in, I thought - allotting 4 minutes in the morning to exercise is just like having coffee. What’s there to lose?

So here is what I did and the challenges I encountered with my routine.

1. Morning exercise
Carry out the 4-minutes MetaFit exercise as soon as I wake up in the morning. Delaying it a few minutes longer makes my body respond differently to the exercise. When I had a long bus travel last weekend, I had to do it twice (evening and morning) as I barely moved during the trip.

I outgrew workout variation 1 quickly. I realized that if I still want to do it and increase the intensity, I may have to remove the lunges part rather than executing it in jumping ski action to protect my left knee.

I love workout variation 2 and 3 as that is the one that makes my face go red whenever I do it.

2. Diet
This is tough. Getting used to full meals and then switching to snacks every 2 hours took quite awhile for me to get used to. Until now, I am still adjusting with it. To help me get through, I bought a pack of Skyflakes and eat whenever the time arises. If I took a full meal for one reason or another, I will take orlistat to minimize fat absorption. Lessen my colored drinks intake as well whenever I can.

3. Supplements
This was also a problem for me as I am not used to taking vitamins. But for now, I decided to take Immuvit everyday. The combination of exercise, diet, and supplements made me more alert in thinking and can't seem to be contented in just doing the usual stuff. Maybe I am just adjusting.

The results

I lost 4 pounds on my first week. What worries me though is if I can continue this momentum. Getting used in doing the 4-minute workout routines, increasing my energy in the process, does not give the spike up heart rate that I want to achieve.

I guess that is where each one of us taking the challenge has the option of calibrating the workout to suit our needs.

The video workout variation 4 (many thanks to Coach Jim Saret for allowing me to take a video of it) has the jumping lunges that I am not keen to do (might compromise my left knee), will replace it with push-ups to increase the intensity.

But overall, I am happy for it seems I have finally learned how to deal with somatopause.

So will I lose weight again on week 2? I hope so.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Becoming MetaFit in high-tech age

If there is any downside of being involved with technology, a lot of your time is spent online. This means sitting down or sedentary for hours. By the time your current weight is equivalent to +50% of your pre-Internet “hooked use” weight, you’ll realize that is not an easy thing to shed at all.

This is the metabolism slowdown phase known as somatopause (or middle-age bulge). What triggers this is the decline of a body hormone – 191 – amino acid polypeptide or Somatotropin.

Check out this presentation deck to learn more about this condition and how to go about it.
Immuvit MetaFit Challenge
View more presentations from Janette Toral

Early this week, I had the opportunity to meet Coach Jim Saret, known as one of the Biggest Losers Philippines coach. Saw him on Immuvit TV commercials in the past and aware of the Biggest Losers Philippines program. But as I don’t have that much time to watch television (except for news from time to time), I just ignored it then.

But the meet-up with Coach Jim Saret happened as I participated in the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge where we are given the opportunity to learn practical techniques in improving endurance, strength, and flexibility.

I am actually a bit skeptical about fitness promotion. Have tried a lot of products and services. Usually end up with the following:
  • Products that promise weight loss will not happen unless you exercise.
  • Gym memberships are useless if you exercise according to your desired pace. Most trainers require special fees, in addition to gym membership, that makes the whole package expensive and at times useless if the trainer does not really monitor your progress (making your weight challenge also their personal goal to help you achieve change desired).
However, as I was able to try his famous 4-minute MetaFit workout and experienced the benefits on the first few days, my perspective has change tremendously.

For people who are extremely busy, this is what Coach Jim shared:
my face turned red after 8 minutes of MetaFit workout
  1. Do the four-minute MetaFit workout first thing in the morning. Carry out the exercise with full intensity to achieve a high heartbeat rate to help boost or ignite your metabolism.
  2. Eat snack size meals every 2 hours. Of course, being cautious on what you eat at the same time.
  3. Take supplements, like Immuvit, to ensure that you don’t miss the needed nutrients of your body while slowing down aging.
  4. Create a simple daily journal. Mine would include:
    a. Your realistic goal for one month (E.g. Be able to gain stamina while losing 10 pounds.
    b. Goal for the week (E.g. Carry out 4 to 5 exercise sets in 5 minutes. Acquire the every 2-hour snack size eating habit.)
    c. What did you eat for the day and at what time.
    d. Achievements of the day (E.g. Reduced coffee intake to once per day. Limited meal sizes. No dessert.)
If you like to try the MetaFit workout yourself, do any the following workout first thing in the morning. There are 3 variations here, you can do one per day. Remember, full intensity for 4 minutes.

Look forward sharing with you what I achieve after the first week in my next post. Will also give another workout update by then.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Get ready: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012 Writing Project

We are now on year 6 of this writing project that aims to identify new and emerging blogs that are making an impact to its readers in 2012 as chosen by peers.
These blogs are gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership, following, influence, and fascinating the reader in various ways. They also blog for various reasons such as expression of thoughts, sharing of knowledge and insights, events reporting or coverage, and some for profit.

Mechanics for this year:
  • Blogs created anytime from June 2011 to the present are qualified to be cited as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012. 
    • It must have no less than 20 blog post.
    • If your blog meets this criteria and you want readers of this post to consider it in preparation of their writing project entry, submit your blog here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dealing with cyber bullies who attack using social media

Last March 22 and 23, I got interviewed about cyber-bullying. The interest was heightened when showbiz personalities like Sharon Cuneta, Arnold Clavio, among others came under attack in various social media sites for what they have said on-cam or online.

Here were some of the questions asked and my answers.

1. When does an online disagreement or opinion reach the point it can be called cyber-bullying?

Answer: When a person gets mocked or attacked beyond topic at hand then it can be considered as cyber-bullying.

Example #1: If a person starts a controversial thread in a Facebook Group and then calling out your name in the comments as one of the persons referred to, that can be considered as cyber-bullying.

Ideally, if there are issues between two persons, then it should be discussed privately. Citing a person's name in a public group, calling out for their action, has a malicious intention of dishonoring them. Group owners should not tolerate it. If a person keeps on doing it, then that person should be removed from the group to keep order, harmony, and respect.

Example #2: If a person is being talked about "blind-item style" (like your name not mentioned but parties in the discussion knowingly refers to you) in a Facebook Wall attacking you as a person, it can't be exactly referred to as cyber-bullying.

I guess because of the anonymity. Some folks in the thread may be thinking of a specific person then other parties joined with another person in mind. The discussions blurs thereon. However, the good thing about it, one can confront within a limited circle if needed.

Example #3: If a person critique another person's program or actions and have substantiated with facts, posted it online, can it be considered as cyber-bullying? My answer is subjective here. If the person's program or actions were promoted or disseminated online, posting an online reaction to it can't be considered as cyber-bullying.

If the person being criticized also positions oneself as a leader (like in the case of politicians), it can't be prevented that their being a person will also be subject to evaluation. Some say there is no such thing as constructive criticism but there are suggested ways of doing it especially when we weave facts together to prove a point.