Thank you Immuvit and Coach Jim Saret: 1 Month MetaFit Challenge ends

As my 1-month Immuvit MetaFit Challenge ends,  I went through a transformation. The change is more mentally rather than physically.

On physical changes, I have lost less than 10 pounds since I started the challenge. Growing number of friends and family are noticing the change in my legs, arms, and abdomen area especially when wearing fitted clothes (haven't worn those fitted shorts for a long long time).

Some of the lifestyle changes that has happened since my last update includes:

1. The 4-minute daily workout that started on the first week has already escalated to a 1-hour workout where my approach to it goes through constant change from increasing the number of workouts in a day to increase in exercise repetitions.

It already became a habit to the point my day is not complete if I don't do it. Missed a day since I started and felt being bugged about it.

2. When am no longer satisfied with my body response, I seek exercise inspiration from the MILO - APEX Running Clinic and FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp Cebu. Watching the participants made me determined to heal my left knee injury soon and start running (used to join running competitions in my teenager days).

3. Learning more on how to use the Thera-band and medicine ball for working the body out. Also been on the lookout for exercise that will strengthen the muscles around my patella or knee cap.

4. Got a Timex Race Trainer (heart rate and calories burned monitor) to help me review my workout effectiveness approach. Hopefully, being able to create a baseline on my heart rate and calories burned every workout, I'll be able to track and make the necessary calibration as needed.

5. I realized that it won't be easy for me to sustain an every 2-hours eating habit. However, will be conscious in eating less processed food whenever a food decision comes. Still taking orlistat, calcium, vitamin C, and related supplements to help me in my fitness journey.

Thank you Immuvit!

Immuvit made me aware about somatopause and glad I am taking this multivitamin to counter it.

I recall being in a Mercury Drugstore last week to buy a box of Immuvit as the trial one given to me already ran out. It wasn't on display and their staff had to go somewhere at the back to get it. Upon return, I said that they should make it more visible. My companion asked which is cheaper and mentioned brands. The staff replied that Immuvit is better than x (another competing brand which I also used to take years ago) as it has CoQ10.

I just smiled for I wasn't asking for any affirmation on my purchasing decision.

Thank you Coach Jim Saret!

What made this journey further special I guess is the inspiration gained from Coach Jim Saret.

Immediately after the briefing about the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge, I began supporting his advocacies such as the FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp and MILO - APEX Running Clinic.

Seeing how much inspiration and guidance he gives to peers and participants in achieving their fitness and agility goals made me further committed. That is why I can only express my dismay when a few folks tried to maliciously put him down.

I look forward to the FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp this June 25 to July 27, 2012. The experience has been so great to the point I am also encouraging DigitalFilipino Club members to try it out.

My next 6 months will be interesting as I squarely face my knee injury therapy and fitness routine. If done right and all goes well, I should be able to do my first run this December 2012 or January 2013.

If you are planning to do the MetaFit Challenge, here are some suggestions:

1. Start with the daily 4-minute workout (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4). Increase as needed.
2. Be conscious on what you eat. Don't skip meals.
3. Get inspiration from others. Check out the Immuvit Facebook page for more Immuvit MetaFit Challenge stories.

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