I commit to being fit - MetaFit week 2 of 4

When you have been overweight long enough, acceptance comes into play. In my mind, these reasons prevail:
  1. When people talk to you, bottom-line, it is what you say rather than whether you are gorgeous or not that counts.
  2. We are more conscious on how we look like thinking what the other person thinks of us. But more often not, that is secondary.
Of course, the above thinking may be different to those who are seeking for a relationship partner.

Admittedly, guesting on television this year, made me more conscious than usual on how I look like. Here are some of the interviews I made this year and you'll see what I mean.

When the opportunity came to do the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge, I thought to myself - this is meant to be! For awhile, I have been thinking on how to go about weight loss in a sustained manner and with immediate results (without compromising my recovering left knee). Even thinking of availing those laser treatments just to get it done.

After 2 weeks of doing the MetaFit Challenge, I can feel and see the changes happening to me. It also made me conscious of my daily activities and calibrated my week 1 routine further that includes:
  1. Doing the MetaFit workout as soon as I wake up and before I wrap up for the night. When possible, I also do another set in the afternoon.
  2. Take my coffee or juice with Ivi collagen drink.
  3. Take Immuvit and vitamin E to give me the support I need for the day. Also take Vitamin E in the evening before going to sleep.
  4. Take orlistat whenever it is unavoidable to eat fried food or sweets.

(shot this video at past 1AM last night)

My week 2 results lead me to losing 3 pounds. For week 3, what I intend to do is to take charge of my urge to eat at night.

Will establish the every 2 hours eating habit this week and hopefully put my binging urge under control.

I also find myself having more reserve energy than expected. Since I started taking Immuvit, my sleepiness during travel and in the afternoon has been reduced.

Although I noticed my body also demands to get the rest it needs. If I sleep late and wake up early, the urge is there to rest early the next evening without necessarily feeling tired.

I hope in the weeks to come, coping with my somatopause shall continue successfully.

If you want to try and take on the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge, check out the following workout variations that you can carry out:
If you are on the 3rd week already, like I am, here's our workout for the week.

4 minute workout part 5 from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

I commit to being FIT

This whole experience has change my perspective on fitness. Wish I knew and have done this much earlier.

Nevertheless, to sustain, I will be joining Coach Jim Saret's FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp scheduled on May 15 in Cebu and May 21 in Manila.

What caught my eye about the camp is the Fitness Test Challenge that requires you to carry out routines in a specified time period. If done successfully, then you shall be "Certified FIT".

I will strive to pass that test.

Look forward meeting new folks at the boot camp and expand my perspective further.

To friends who are also joining the camp, I look forward meeting you there. :)

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