Getting the MetaFit exercise as part of daily routine

This week in the Immuvit MetaFit Challenge was tough for me as the food we mostly had at home came from a weekend party. To make up for it, I did the MetaFit workout 2 to 3 times a day just to help me burn what I eat.

I was not able to record achieve weight loss this week although I feel my thighs becoming tighter. My biggest achievement this week is doing the MetaFit exercise daily and becoming part of my body system already. A day is not complete without doing so.

My realization this week includes:

  1. The more you do MetaFit, the body becomes stronger. The 4 minute routine may need to increase especially if you find your body recovering soon enough. I definitely don't want to get stuck in the somatopause phase anymore.
  2. Don't skip meals as the body will store fat as part of its defense mechanism. If eating light meals every two hours is possible, that is most encouraged. Take multivitamins like Immuvit to help sustain the energy levels needed.
  3. Learn to appreciate push-ups as that is the best exercise to lose fat in the arms area.
For the final week, our MetaFit routine requires doing all the past routines in a week on different days. For example, week 1 routine on day 1, week 2 routine on day 2, week 3 routine on day 3, week 1 routine on day 4, and so forth.

I was out of town in the past two weeks that made the MetaFit challenge manageable since I was home most of the time. Returning to Manila will expose me once again to all the food, vices, and late night working hours. There will be hurdles that I need to manage to make this work such as reducing coffee and juice intake during meetings.

To keep me focused, will make time to attend the MILO 3in1 - APEX Running Clinic and FITFil Fitness Boot Camp to get inspiration in sustaining my MetaFit Challenge. I will start using my medicine ball again and incorporate in the MetaFit routine to increase difficulty.

Our MetaFit challenge stories are also shared at the Immuvit Facebook page. Check out how my blogging peers on how they cope with their respective MetaFit routines.

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