Celebrating Steve Jobs legacy with the iPhone 4s

Last October 6, I went to GMA Network Center as guest for the program News To Go. The assigned topic was "social media reactions received in relation to the iPhone 4s launch" that happened last October 4 in the U.S.. While on the road, the AM radio program anchor (Noli De Castro - I think) said Steve Jobs died already. I immediately checked Twitter and read the outpour of condolence messages.

While waiting for the interview at GMA, the coordinator told me there's a change of topic. It will be focused on Steve Jobs.

It made me reflect at what point did he really made a difference in my life. My first encounter with an Apple computer was at Datamex computer school. I was studying Wordstar, BASIC, COBOL, Visicalc, and Dbase II then. Can't recall which Apple model it was anymore. Got the chance to own a Newton as well but I guess it was too advance at that time.

In 1997, while organizing the Philippine Internet Commerce Society, the "Crazy Ones" video came out shown at the iMac launch (also known as Think Different campaign). At that same event, Eric Clapton's song "Change the World" was played too complimenting the machine introduction. My whole e-commerce advocacy then took a different level of perspective. I reflect and thought - if I do this right, I will change the Philippines Internet industry by making e-commerce a reality.

So that campaign did not made me buy a Mac - but it inspired me further to be determined with the Philippine Internet Commerce Society cause. When the E-Commerce Law was eventually passed, industry peers were teasing me as "Erin Brokovich". In times of joy and pain, until now, the "Crazy Ones - Think Different" script and lyrics of "Change The World" often resonates with how I feel at a moment. (that is also when I realized that it was partly a very sad song)

In 2010, I decided to get a MacBook Pro especially when the payment terms became more friendly to folks like me. Also got an iPhone 4.

With new features promised with the iPhone 4s, I know it is a must have gadget - even for the simplest reason - to own Steve Jobs last full product creation and honor the person who has inspired a lot of people around the world.

I only hope that Globe Telecom's SuperSurf packages for prepaid will include the monthly one (SuperSurf999). Similar to their BlackBerry where BBMax599 is good for a month already.

Also, the tethering features, please turn it on by default. I now own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and enjoying its tethering features at times when I need it the most. Hope that can be allowed for both iPhone and BlackBerry (Playbook).

I look forward to the launch and fall in line to get my unit soon. :)

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