Monitor YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook Page, Profile Performance with EmpireAvenue

One article that caught my attention recently tackled Accountability-Based Influence. It is all about not being caught up with vanity metrics like your number of followers, fans, the likes but the quality of interaction that you spent in it or actionable metrics.

One site mentioned in that piece is EmpireAvenue where you can build your social capital online through your activities, buy and sell activity of social stocks of your friends and online contacts. I started tinkering with it a few days to have a feel on how it works and thought this is better than just playing any other online game.

What I did not expect though is its Stats resource that allows you to monitor your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Facebook Profile, YouTube, and Flickr performance. Hope they will do something as well on LinkedIn in the future.

I guess what I liked about it is that it reminds you of important social networking profile accounts that you tend to neglect and how they impact your online visibility. I guess even on these tools alone, having an account in EmpireAvenue is already worth it. Of course, if you invite friends to join this free site, both of you get currency (eaves) that you can use to buy more "stocks" that can be used to build your value.

One thing that the site has also done is that quality of interaction you spent on your social media profiles can also help increase your social capital value.

Other things I like about the site are:

1. Find out who among your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter friends are there and can invest in them. It somehow gives you an idea on how stock trading works in a fun way. I think this is a good venue for students to spend some social time in.

2. Put the spotlight on people you like. For now, I feature DigitalFilipino Club members are who have active profiles in the site.

3. Your blogs can also help increase your social capital value.

4. It gives badges as well that recognizes your achievement in the site and your social media activity.

5. You can join communities and start your own too.

6. In the Shop section, you can get upgrades that will allow you to boost your investment capability.

7. You can also advertise your blog and other projects using the Eaves you have earned.

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