Oscar M. Lopez: Blogging at 81

When Rosan Cruz of LopezLink shared the news about Oscar M. Lopez (OML), chairman emeritus of the Lopez Group, has a blog where he actively shares his thinking and perspectives online, I was thrilled. This is because OML was just known to me as the head honcho or captain of sorts of a business empire. However, reading through his blog gave me a sense of his pioneering entrepreneurial spirit.

OML just turned 81 this year but it amazes me to see that he takes health seriously and even pursues mountain climbing to this day. He also use his blog to communicate to employees by answering their questions in relation to values, among others. His story on how he avoided a heart bypass operation by having a disciplined regimen was more than inspiring.

I am certain he gets help in updating and maintaining that blog. But what is important is that voice of the person should remain. OML's blog was successful in doing that in my view.

I hope more corporate executives and entrepreneurs in the country will blog. By sharing what they know and learned through the years, I am certain they will be able to inspire a new generation of Filipinos that were simply beyond their reach. Hopefully, they will be able to realize as well that by blogging, they are also rendering a community service and may even help make our country a better place as more Filipinos go online.

(Given the chance, I think Oscar M. Lopez will be a great TED speaker. Will you suggest him?)

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