Are you in favor of a Professional Bloggers Association?

Yesterday I made a post asking for insight on the possible formation of a National Bloggers Association that will respond to government and private sector group policies that will have an effect to the blogging community. However, as all of us blog for a different reason, it is sound to have a more niche group where like-minded bloggers can come together. This is where the Professional Bloggers Association comes into play.

Activities can include:
  1. Craft its own or respond to blog marketing and blog advertising guidelines to be created by other marketing and advertising associations. Discussion for a local blog marketing and advertising guidelines will happen this year. It is either we deal with it individually or collectively.
  2. Negotiate for better payout terms from advertising and blog networks.
  3. Bloggers interested in having a common online audience measurement standards.
  4. Sharing of knowledge.
  5. ... among others
Bloggers interested in joining are ideally those who can:

  1. Allot time to review proposed policy papers and give their opinion. 
  2. Blog their thoughts about proposed policies and seek opinion from fellow blogging peers.
  3. Help write position papers.
  4. Attend meetings organized by policy makers when necessary and speak out.
  5. Share knowledge to peers.
On decision making, position shall be:
  1. Draft version to be posted on the web where member bloggers can comment.
  2. Majority vote to prevail.
Who can become members? 
This is a suggested criteria:

Full Member (with voting rights)
  1. Professional bloggers who earns from Philippines-based and/or international advertisers.
  2. Professional bloggers who pays their taxes (2010 or 2011 annual Income Tax Return - no need to submit unless asked for).
  3. Earned at least x amount in the year 2010 in the field of professional blogging. Suggested amount is P12,000. 
Number 2 and 3 is tricky as it will require trust and confidentiality. It is suggested that members are serious players in this field. Rather than look into payouts issued, payment of taxes sounds more reasonable.

Associate Member (non-voting)

  1. Bloggers who earn from Philippines-based and / or international advertisers but have not met #2 and / or #3 of full member requirements.

Should this be of interest, kindly post a comment and share your opinion. 

What's next? 

It will depend on the kind of response this blog post will yield. A group will be initially created to introduce those who filled-up the form and set the initial discussion.

Perhaps an online meeting can be set-up where bloggers anywhere in the country can join to discuss next steps.

The next step can possibly come from you as well reading this blog post.

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