Thursday, September 30, 2010

Showing Real Love for Children with Cancer

Back in 1st year high school, I had a classmate whom I was fond of (Joseph Orbiso - hope I still recall his name correctly). We usually exchange wacky stories before afternoon classes. Sometimes, my jaw gets this tired feeling for talking and laughing too much. Our get-togethers became less frequent when high school love entered my world. Then later on, he started missing school and found out he had cancer. When he passed away, I didn't had enough courage to visit and would rather have his laughter, stories, and very charming smile as my last visual image of him. Must admit, wish I could have done better then and made more effort despite my limitation as a teenager at that time.

I will always remember Joseph and that inspired me to support this cause.

What would you do to show real love and caring for people who need it the most? Do you remember when you were still a child? Everything was almost like an adventure with every new learning makes you want to know more. But when a child gets diagnosed with cancer, it ceases to be the playpen it should be but becomes a battle for survival.

Every child stricken with cancer experiences the same challenges and pains that a full grown adult does when faced with this ailment and are given the same treatment to cure the disease such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Due to the long term treatments, kids diagnosed with cancer cannot go out to play and enjoy different activities. To provide psychosocial support to pediatric cancer patients, Maria Fatima Garcia-Lorenzo and Icar Castro, both Psychology graduate students from Ateneo formed Kythe.

A non-stock, non-profit organization, Kythe spearheaded the Child Life Program which aims to uplift and give hope to kids with cancer and their families through education and developmental activities enable them to be more knowledgeable of their illness and experience different hands on activities.

In partnership with Unilever Foodsolutions, Kythe is further assisted in its mission to improve the quality of life of these pediatric cancer patients and enable them to experience normal and enjoyable activities such as cooking. Through the different activities in each outreach program, Unilever Foodsolutions is able to help in giving the kids the chance to have fun and cope more effectively with the challenges of their condition.

Real Love for a real cause

With the Real Love Campaign outreach programs, Unilever Foodsolutions together with their operators, kids with cancer are able to interact and create fun and healthy sandwiches made of different ingredients and Lady’s Choice and Best Foods mayonnaise.

With a wide array of ingredients before them and animal-shaped cutters, kids get to play and learn at the same time that preparing healthy food need not be boring. With the program added with other activities such as storytelling sessions, arts, crafts and scrapbooking in the program, kids with cancer experience simple yet significant moments that uplift their spirits.

In line with this campaign, Unilever Foodsolutions also partnered with Team Manila to come up with a specially designed, limited-edition shirt which will be available in Team Manila outlets in Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia, Trinoma and online through its website.

Unilever Foodsolutions shares the experience of giving back to the public as with the retail price of 550 pesos, part of the proceeds of the sale of each shirt (men, women) will go directly to Kythe Foundation and its operations for cancer-stricken kids.

Mobilizing the public further, Unilever Foodsolutions also has a Facebook page dedicated to the Real Love campaign. With every 1,000 “Like” entries until it reaches 10,000 fans, Unilever Foodsolutions will donate 1,000 sandwiches to the different Kythe partner hospitals.

I hope you can join the Real Love campaign by liking the Facebook page, or choose the Real Love shirt as a gift to a friend where proceeds will be given to Kythe, and do your share to make a great difference in a child’s life.

Would you like to get a limited edition Real Love shirt? Here are the things you can do:

1. Like the Real Love Campaign on Facebook.

2. Just tweet: “I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by (your response). #kythe"

3. Post a comment in this blog post sharing the url of your Twitter status update.

On October 7, the best tweet that caught my attention will be announced as winner and will get a shirt. (I will get your shirt size by then.) As a personal added bonus, the winner will also get a 1-year DigitalFilipino Club membership (worth US$125).

(Update 10/9/2010: Winner announced!)

I also tapped blogger friends to also carry out something similar to this post and run their own small contest to encourage further support for Kythe.  You can also join: (deadline date indicated)

Backgrounder: Real Tub for Real Love
Unilever Foodsolutions, a food service company just rolled out new packaging of their two mayonnaise brands, Lady’s Choice and Best Foods, to their operators. From cylindrical container, both mayonnaise brands now come in 5.5L professional stackable tubs that provides portability, stackability and space saving quality.

To make the roll out meaningful, the company decided to give back to society and share this experience with their operators through a partnership with Kythe Foundation. Banking on the two mayonnaise brand’s promise of being made with only the fresh and real ingredients, the Real Love Campaign aims to provide kids with cancer the fun in preparing food.

For more information on the Real Love Campaign, Kythe and how you can help, you may call Unilever Foodsolutions at 588-8855 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-588-8855 (outside Metro Manila) or send an email through You can also visit Kythe’s official website (

Friday, September 17, 2010

Post-Eyeball: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Congratulations once again to all the winners of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010. Many thanks to bloggers and DigitalFilipino Club members who took time out to attend, catch up, and listen to the winners' personal blog story.

Many thanks to AdInteresting and Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications for co-sponsoring the eyeball event.

Here are some eyeball participant photos, videos, and write-ups for your reading pleasure: (will update this as we get to read more post about it)

Blog post:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winners: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010

Sincerest thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the eyeball event of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010 writing project.

As chosen by bloggers who participated in this writing project, the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 are:
  1. When in Manila
  2. NomNom Club
  3. Facebuko
    Ganda Ever So Much!
  4. Kusina Maria
    Project 52 Weeks
  5. Fat Girl No More
    Music Vlog
    The Creative Dork
  6. The Thirsty Blogger
  7. Foodie Manila
  8. Jay.eLx
  9. Paolodome Edge HD
  10. Get Prettified!
Special recognition, Blogging for a Cause, was given to Surviving Autism sponsored by GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications.

Here's the badge (original design made by Just Creative Design) that the above Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 can opt to put at their site.

The ten (10) raffle winners who got US$100 each are as follows: (please email me at digitalfilipino (at) gmail (dot) com and give me your contact number to coordinate your prize claim. Kindly expect me to perform a verification to ensure that no one is misrepresenting you.)
  1. Yapatoots
  2. Jayson
  3. Quimboph1
  4. Kinney
  5. ChubbyMommyMe
  6. Dimaks
  7. Guest 
  8. AlexisC 
  9. Nanardxz  
  10. Jinky 
  11. The inWrite best written blog post goes to Nina Terol Zialcita.
This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Events and Corporate Video, Budget hotel in Makati, Pinoy Party Food, Copyediting Services, PR Agency Philippines, Budget Travel Philippines, Send Gifts to the Philippines, Black Friday Deals, Roomrent - units for rent, Search Profile Index, and Corporate Events Organizer.

We will post the details for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 soon.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Raffle Masterlist: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010

Many thanks again to everyone who joined the Top 10 Emerging Influential 2010 Writing Project. This page will be completed today to list folks who will be included in the raffle during the September 15 eyeball.

The writing project has received a total of 141 qualified entries. The following are eligible for the raffle tonight.
  1. Fitz
  2. Rabsin_d
  3. Quimboph1
  4. Darqueangel
  5. Micamyx
  6. Winziph
  7. VinceGolangco
  8. Jayson
  9. Gymger80
  10. Kimboi
  11. Robbie
  12. Mommy Dharlz
  13. Kinney
  14. Lionheart 
  15. Wentot
  16. EricaOrange
  17. Earthlingorgeous
  18. Seotrollverse
  19. NoBenta
  20. Japaul
  21. Khanto
  22. Don Covar
  23. Pao
  24. Frances Baja
  25. Yayeng
  26. Meikah
  27. Frances Amper Sales
  28. Dimaks 
  29. ChefTonio
  30. BlankPixels
  31. Guest 
  32. Roy
  33. JayL
  34. Alvin
  35. Hannah
  36. Rocky
  37. Aileen
  38. Mabelle
  39. Calex29
  40. Flowell
  41. Orman
  42. Every Peso Counts
  43. Kelvin Servigon
  44. MinnieRunner 
  45. The Photoblogger 
  46. Captain Runner
  47. ReyJr 
  48. Iris Camille Mejia  
  49. ChubbyMommyMe
  50. Lyle Santos
  51. Ning   
  52. Montsch Acosta
  53. Jaspacio 
  54. Jennifer
  55. Richard Mamuyac 
  56. Don Trivino  
  57. Akiro
  58. Jaydj  
  59. Yapatoots
  60. Faust 
  61. Fritz 
  62. Alma Ritchel Merin 
  63. Maire
  64. Dhina
  65. EihdraG
  66. Leirs 
  67. Manuel Viloria
  68. Marz
  69. JPManahan 
  70. Kai Villanueva
  71. AlexisC
  72. Kenjebz
  73. CosmoManila
  74. Bariles
  75. GilbertYapTan
  76. Junnel Animo
  77. Ayel 
  78. Boy-Kuripot
  79. Shen Brood
  80. SCMBlog
  81. Nanardxz  
  82. Blanca
  83. Ed 
  84. ShaneJohn_8984
  85. Jinky 
  86. A scientist in the kitchen 
  87. Sheryl_nation 
  88. Bryan Karl Yuson 
  89. Rabsky Villanueva 
  90. Batang Yagit  
  91. Brendel
  92. Badeth_sky 
There will also be raffle prizes exclusive to those attending the event tonight.

(Note: Finished the process of doing a final check as there were entries submitted on week 13 up to deadline date that did not link to the writing project page or instead linked to the FB page. These entries were not included in the final tabulation.

At first, I explored the option if they can still be included in the raffle by just completing it. However, realized that such may cause confusion despite best intentions. Therefore only those with complete entries meeting all requirements, as of August 31 submission, shall be included in the raffle.

All writing project participants, whether complete or non-complete, will also get a special prize and be announced tonight.)