I pledge to save a child by supporting the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines

In the Philippines, one out of every 1000 births is a potential hydrocephalus case and oftentimes affect the poor. Dr. Manuel Cacdac has been visiting the Philippines since 2007 to perform shunt operation on these kids that need help through various NGOs.

Last January 2009, he shunted 9 babies in Palawan and met with friends discussing the need to help more children with hydrocephalus. This led to the formation of Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines.

This September 25, the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines will have a fundraising dinner for prospective donors to make a pledge in helping out children with hydrocephalus get the medical support they need. An individual pledge is worth P100 a day for one year. This amount can already help save a child's life.

The amount shall be used for a child's pre-op workup, CT scan, and hospital charges.

What also got me interested in supporting this program was Hans Rosling presentation at TED@Cannes about global population growth. He said that the key to progress is improving the quality of lives by reducing child mortality. In our society, that means helping segments who are hardly getting any help at this point such as children with hydrocephalus.

I'm also proud that my 4th Media I.T. Corp. partner, Jo Mitra, is a co-founder passionately supporting this advocacy. The man is infectious in spreading ideas and causes. Furthermore, expressive in showing his commitment, appreciation, and caring to friends.

Seeing how dedicated he is in making sure that the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines will help more kids just move me.

And so here I am making this pledge to save a child with hydrocephalus.

I urge companies and individuals to do the same and support this worthy cause.

P.S. DigitalFilipino Club Members and Blog4Reviews Blog Network Members interested in contributing are encouraged to get in touch with me so we can make a group donation for this project come September 25.

Many thanks to fellow bloggers who are also supporting this cause:

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