Do you love me?

"We often want to ask the question.
More often than not, we don't.
Because we are afraid of the answer.
The sad answer is,
more often than not, not said.

Yet it expresses itself in a thousand ways.
In keeping distance.
In distances between.
In silences perhaps not meant,
But there nonetheless.

Yet all it sometimes takes--
to say "yes, I love you"---
Is to reach over.
To touch.
To say yes with the eyes.
To spend time with.
To listen.
To understand.

If we only knew how many hearts break
for want of an answer,
We would answer.

But the question is often not asked.
And we do not hear.
Or do not see.
Or do not care.

How sad."
For me, love is a two-way street. Although one can say that I will love even without being given anything in return. In order to do such, one must have enough love for self to accept realities that not all we love can love us back.

That is why through the years, one must learn to distinguish love from respect and admiration. It reminds me of a King Arthur movie lead by Sean Connery where he uttered the line, "Marry the King but love the man."

For those of us who have great loves in our lives and happy with each other, do not forget to say I love you especially at times when it matters and means the most.

The above quoted piece was republished with permission from "Illuminations: Life and its Passages" book author Armando "Balty" S. Baltazar. (his book is available in National Bookstore at P250)

I just opened the book and landed on page 68 with the above written piece. Read it and told myself, "wow".

Balty's book was actually not initially meant for publication. It contains personal notes that he accumulated through the years. When his good publishing friend saw it, the idea to publish was suggested and so the book is here today.

When read by people like you and me, the idea is for us to connect, agree or disagree, and add our own perspective on the topic.

I met Balty last March 4 through DigitalFilipino Club member Rosario Juan as I was having an informal consulting session at that time. We talked about their idea of having an online venue where Balty's work can be shared and let people interested interact with each other on the topic. I'm not sure how will that work out. However, I suggest for his book be made available through Scribd and let it be read by everyone. Those who find the book worthwhile can visit National Bookstore and buy a copy.

What I like about Balty is that he doesn't have that much of an agenda. As he is already in his 70s, he now spends time connecting with people met that got encouraged by his book. I told him that perhaps he can fill a void and touch those that were first encouraged by the likes of Bo Sanchez and may already have outgrown him.

I wish Balty all the best in his book and may those who are looking for reflection may find his book worth interacting with through their blogs and in conversations.

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