Final count & See you on Saturday!

Hi everyone. I just finished counting submission on week 12 (July 26 to 30) and got an unexpected 116 entries. Just like to sound off the following:
  1. Edits to your writing project entries, those who have not been marked as complete yet, can only be done up to today.

    The few new entries whom I have checked this morning that had problems, you have time to fix it till tomorrow.

  2. I'll start doing rounds in all blog post submission from week 1 to week 11 for complete markings today. If you have concerns with your entry, you can GTalk me at digitalfilipino.

  3. For those of you who have not confirmed your attendance to our August 8 eyeball event, I will very much appreciate if you can do so now as this will affect our food pax allocation, raffle items, among others.

  4. There are certainly a lot of challenges and lessons learned that I shall post on August 9.

Love and regards to all participants, supporters, and sponsors who supported this humble writing project.

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