Week 11: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

Here's the eleventh and last week summary of entries and their choices/nomination in The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009. If you haven't submitted an entry yet, head on to our writing project page on how to join. Last day for submission of entries is on July 30.

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Week 11 only
For the eleventh week, we received a total of 5 entries from Eryllsy, Iva, Sheryl, Rabsin, and AsianTribe.

A total of 27 blogs were cited from the 5 entries. They are:

  1. http://fatherblogger.com/
  2. http://dearbloggery.com/

The following blogs got one mention each:

The weekly update posted above is based on submission as of July 25.

Noted the entries of Lio Loco, Joycelle, Jhongmed, Eryllsy, Iva, Rabsin, and AsianTribe for citing 10 blogs and therefore included in the entries masterlist.

These are the top blogs based on entries that got included in the entries masterlist as of today:

  1. http://writingtoexhale.com/
  2. http://thestrugglingblogger.168center.com/
  3. http://www.pataygutom.com/
  4. http://zorlone.blogspot.com/
  5. http://dearbloggery.com/
  6. http://fatherblogger.com/
  7. http://letsgosago.net/
  8. http://www.adaphobic.com/
  9. http://kelvinonian.com/
  10. http://daretospeakout.wordpress.com/

If you haven't submitted an entry yet, head on to our writing project page on how to join. Deadline for submission is on July 30.

Additional notes:
Some entries did not get included here as they did not link to the writing project page. Once done, on or before July 30, will include you in our final count. Thank you again everyone for your patience and participation to this humble project.

I also encountered a concern being said to me that some votes are not being counted. Please give the url of the entry so that we can check on our end whether I am missing them or not.

Monitoring of entries completion hereon will be tracked at the entries masterlist.

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