8 Steps to Achieving Meta-Positive Thinking and Changing Perspective

I always believe that our worst enemy is ourselves. At times, we are deadset in achieving something, then one event happens, and everything disintegrates. We blame ourself and those around us - using them as excuse. Although deep inside, we know that is not the reason and why our pursuit towards self-improvement continues.

This blog post is a continuation of the series on Tony Buzan's Embracing Change where meta-positive thinking is one of the seven tools for transformation that a change maker must harness.

Changing perspective
According to Buzan, meta-positive thinking is a self-talk technique focused on your goals & vision done in a positive way. It is grounded on reality - making it happen within the sphere of your influence.

For instance, if you live a life now where you feel trapped as 95% of things you can no longer change and is entirely negative, then focus your mind instead on the 5% where there is positive voice of change.

Meta-positive thinking

Buzan gave 8 steps on how meta-positive thinking can be achieved. If followed, it will allow you to enhance your positive qualities and let go of the negative ones.
  1. Make the decision to change
    If you have reached a decision wanting to improve the present situation to an envisioned goal -  then you are already a positive thinker.

  2. Clarify your vision
    Wanting is not enough. One must focus and decide on the steps (TEFCAS) that must be taken in order to achieve it. This includes having the determination to get it done despite negative forces around you.

  3. Establish a meta-positive attitude
    Have a goal that is totally positive, accurate, and will direct you towards your desired outcome.

    This includes having meta-positive thinking statements that are:
    - personal (use "I)
    - stated in the present (use "am")
    - stated as a process (use present verb ending with "-ing")
    - real (related to current situation)
    - obtainable (target possible)
    - motivational (focus on what you want to achieve)
    - relevant (related to current situation)
    - truthful (true and beneficial, not based on lie)
    - beneficial (you can benefit from it)
    - attractive (pleasant image - visualize)
    - positively directed (positive and directed towards your goal)
    - accurate (focus on desired outcome)
    - vision (clear image)
    - repeated (restated regularly for brain to adjust its behavior)

    Example - "I am providing e-commerce knowledge to help club members, community, and industry at large to become successful - help this sector grow."

  4. Shape-up your brain for meta-positive fitness
    We all have negative and positive voice of change in ourselves. The negative one (Vic) encourages us to achieve (using ego-infused statements) while reminding us of our weakness or failures (blame game).

    The positive one (Victor) constantly points towards your vision. (using statements in relation to attaining your goal)

  5. The truth principle
    Vic always has a tendency to fill your mind with horrifying truths and negative images (which I think sometimes disguises itself as bias). Victor will focus more on positive reward where the brain is more attracted to.

  6. Repetition
    Our inner voice of change constantly talks to us (encouraging & guiding us). It is up to us whether we will focus on Vic or transform it to a Victor (become a meta-positive thinker).

    This will require repeating our meta-positive thinking statements regularly to tweak our brain.

  7. One step at a time
    Change does not happen overnight. It takes one step at a time. Therefore, this part requires you to be very clear on your current situation or knowing where you are (step 1). Otherwise, your goals will be unrealistic and may cause you to drift.

  8. Commitment
    Until you are committed, there is a tendency to draw back or be ineffective. You have to commit, begin it, and be bold.

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