Yahoo! Purple Hunt phase 2: Guess the location of 6 cameras

The Yahoo! Purple Hunt Phase 2 kicks off tomorrow, from June 16 till 28! What does this mean for all Purple Hunters in Philippines? It means you can guess the location of six cameras hidden all over Metro Manila by deciphering clues seeded out on Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Groups and Flickr (Purple Hunt Clues).
When you think you know where each camera is hidden, go to the microsite and input your answer! If you're right, you stand a chance to win the skinned purple Canon camera! If you're wrong, you may ask the Purple Crew for more clues that may help you! Remember, you need to provide the full address of each location when submitting an answer!

Purple Hunters can guess as many times as possible. If you get the answer wrong, you will not be able to register and a prompt comes up asking you to try again.

Note that this is not a first come, first serve basis contest. People can guess the locations of all 6 cameras right up to the end of the phase, Once the phase ends, Yahoo! will do a random draw on the winners. (as of July 6, winners have already been drawn)

Check out my Yahoo Purple Hunt blog for clues as well.
Happy hunting!

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