Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Yahoo! Purple Hunt

Got a lot of questions about the Yahoo Purple Hunt (I'm one of the power users helping out) and here are some additional information that may be of help.

Question: Where can I get a purple ticket?

Answer: Purple tickets are found all over Yahoo! products. First stop point is the Yahoo! Philippines home page where there is a banner image about it. Navigating the various pages will also allow you to find more Purple Hunt tickets.

Question: Ok. I found it. How do I join?

Answer: Once found, just register and an e-mail gets sent to you. In this e-mail, there will be details on how to redeem Yahoo! purple gifts at the mall tours happening over the next 3 weeks.

Question: Is the Purple Hunt for Metro Manila Yahoo! users only?

Answer: Phase 1 is the hunt for the Purple Ticket. People all over Philippines can hunt for it online. However, to redeem for Purple goodies, they need to go to the Ayala Malls in Metro Manila to do so.

For phases 2 & 3, prizes at stake are the cameras and phones. People all over Philippines can hunt for the clues online, submit their entries online and if they win and cannot attend the Purple Hunt Finale, Yahoo! will send the prizes to them.

For phase 4, people all over the Philippines can hunt for the clues online, submit their entries, and MUST attend the Purple Hunt Finale in order to participate in the footrace to win the car, surround sound system, gaming console and other prizes.

Question: Is there an age restriction for the Yahoo! Purple Hunt?

Answer: Winners have to be 18 and above and for those who are not, we will need an adult to sign a waiver form on behalf of the underage.

Question: How many tickets can I get in a day?

Answer: 1 ticket per person per day. This is will entitle you to a goody (available until stocks last).

Question: I just won a Krispy Kreme doughnut. How can I claim it?

Answer: To claim, just bring a copy of the e-mail AND a copy of Y! Philippines front page to the participating Krispy Kreme outlets at the following locations.

  • Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig City
  • TriNoma - Cinema level, TriNoma, Quezon City
  • Glorietta, Main entrance, Makati

Question: I already got a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Is this only one time or can I get another one again?

Answer: The Krispy Kreme doughnuts are available while stocks last. Purple Hunt participants are limited to 1 ticket per person per day.

Question: What will happen at the mall tour?

Answer: The mall tours are going to be packed full of games and activities such as “Purplize Yourself” photo booth, Find Purple Game Wall, Purple Graffiti Wall, Surf & Lounge laptop stations, Yahoo! Mobile stations and the doodled Honda car will also be on display (except at Glorietta 3).

Question: When is the mall tour?

Ayala Malls: Purple Hunt Tour Dates:

  • Market! Market!, Central Plaza 5th June -7th June (Friday - Sunday)
  • Greenbelt 3, Lobby 8th June - 10th June (Monday - Wednesday)
  • Glorietta 3 , Lower Level Lobby - 11th June -15th June (Thursday - Monday)
  • TriNoma, Level 4 - 16th June - 18th June (Tuesday - Thursday)

Purple Hunt Tour hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday - 11am to 9pm
  • Friday and Saturday - 11am to 10pm

Question: What gift items will be given away at the mall tour?

Yahoo! gifts available while stocks last at these mall tours include the following:

  • Wire Organizers
  • Post-its
  • Highlighters
  • Tote Bags
  • USB Fans
  • Rubik Cube Key Chains
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  • Nestle Ube Ice Cream

First 300 Chalk magazine readers who bring in coupons from the magazines also stand to win limited edition Purple Hunt artist T-shirts.

To keep you posted about the Purple Hunt, I suggest that you join or follow the Purple Crew at: (will add more to this)

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