Changing Book Distributon Models

With the increasing cost of distribution and taxes, I think it is time for books production and distribution models to change. The ideal change should make them affordable and replaceable with a system to support it. This can include:

  • Book owners can get themselves listed in a central consortium site where they can put their books in a listing and share it to other interested parties.
  • Every book shared can result to borrowing credits.
  • Members can ship the book directly instead of passing through a middleman. This operates like on a peer-to-peer model where members trade with each other.

Saying this also since I have so much books at home that were purchased quite impulsively. The number of unread and finished books at the attic piled up is just a sin. With access to libraries, I began spending time as well on reading up older books. With online, being the first to read new books is not so much of a big deal anymore either.

Sites like can serve as an interesting model and even alternative so that book lovers don't have to spend a lot of money on books. Members can rent fiction / non-fiction paperback and audio books at affordable rates.

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