Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project

Hello everyone. I've decided to come up with a part 3 of this writing project of identifying new and emerging blogs that are making an impact to its readers in 2009. These are blogs that started anytime from May 1, 2008 to the present. They are gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership and influence. They also blog for various reasons such as expression of thoughts, sharing of knowledge and insights, events reporting or coverage, and some for profit.

This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, Events at Work, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile, Budget hotel in Makati, Lucio C. Tan Group of Companies, and

Who can join?

  • Any blogger in the world. Only one entry per blogger.
    • Blog or website owner profile and e-mail is accessible or visible online.
To join this effort, please do the following:

Every week, beginning May 16, I will:

  • List the blogs that you've chosen. Only those that are blogs and created from May 2008 to the present shall be listed.
  • Feature one sponsor per week (logo and one paragraph blurb).
    • Each sponsorship slot is US$150.
    • Those getting more than one slot will have their logo appear at the sidebar of this blog.
    • Interested sponsors can contact me.
  • All entries will also be put in a master list on the 2nd week onwards. Only those with a complete list of ten qualified blogs shall be included in the entries masterlist and shall serve as final count basis.
  • I encourage you to subscribe to our blog and receive updates as this writing project evolves.
On August 3 to 6, I will:

  • Make a final review of posts. We will post a message in your entry to inform you that we've completed the review and no more updates shall be entertained afterwards.
  • Note that we have the right to disqualify entries and the citations they made, if we are not able to confirm or authenticate the blogger's identity on or before August 6. This is especially true to blogs with anonymous identities and those with pre-dated entries (versus its blog date creation).
On August, we will do the following:

  • Have an eyeball event for writing project participants.
  • Announce the The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 based from entries received.
  • Pick ten writing project entries in random who will get one hundred dollars (US$100) each.
    • Only those in the entries master list and with links to all the sponsors shall be included in the raffle.
    • Prizes are given in cash during the eyeball event or transmitted via Paypal.
Joining a writing project has its own benefits that includes:

  • Getting link love.
  • Meet bloggers.
  • Receive traffic (especially to those who join early on) from current and prospective participants.
  • More than anything else, you will also be supporting a worthy purpose of spotting and promoting new blogs that are making great waves out there.
I hope you can join.

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