The iBlog5 Afterglow

Many thanks to the UP-ISP (JJ Dinisi, Hermie, Lemuel, and rest of the team), sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and participants for making iBlog5 a success. We had a lot of interesting challenges this year. At the start, I was worried about meeting the sponsor target to cover the cost of the event. Also wondered if there is some sort of fatigue already among bloggers due to increasing number of blogging forums and seminars organized by various groups. This made me even ponder last year if iBlog is still relevant or needed.

Thankfully, by April, all sponsor commitments started trickling in. We agreed that our main audience shall be the newbies who will appreciate the most what iBlog has to offer.

We were not expecting the event to be jampacked this year, around 279 attended, that made the venue look small. During the evening socials at Katips, around 80 attended, got the chance to exchange stories and ideas, asked on what contributed to this. The common answer was - this reflects the growing number of bloggers on various platforms (including Multiply and Friendster).

There are also two things that I'd like to apologize for:
  1. Food
    In the past, we had so much registration online (more than 400 each year) and less than 200 show up at the event or no more than 150 at a time. As a result, we had so much food left-over in the past years. We decided to be conservative this year and decided to make it on a first-come first-serve basis. With the iBlog5 experience, we will definitely allocate more food for next year and advise as well of the cut-off like first 200 to show up at the event.

  2. Q&A
    We were not on time in starting the session that had a roll-over effect on the Q&A. At the same time, we would like to make iBlog5 as content-rich as possible. So for those of you who have questions to the speakers, I suggest getting in touch with them directly and I'm sure they will be more than happy to respond.
In the end, all of us are very happy with the success of iBlog5. Thank you for the support.
(on a side note, I hope you can join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project.)

For those who expressed interest about joining the bloggers for Philippines elections 2010 efforts, I'll be posting an activity soon. However, to get an automatic invitation from me, please join the Important Issues on Philippines 2010 Elections writing project.

Here are some of the blog posts I saw online and will continuously add to this. If you have a made a post, leave a comment and will add your link here.

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