Mind mapping a slots website

(click on the mind map image to enlarge)

One of the things I do whenever encountered a website that catches my attention is to mind map it. Through it, I'll be able to grasp the logic of its design and use it as reference whenever coming up with something similar or compare with competition.

In my search engine optimization 101 workshops, I also do the same for participants when coming up with a design structure of a new site. This allows them to seriously think about it. One of my mind map collections is that of casino review sites. As there are many of them today, it is not easy to compare them without having an objective view of their structure.

Let's take the case of All About Slots. This site is mostly about slots online. What I like about the site are as follows:
  • Structure of the site is easy to follow and navigate through.
  • Provides information resource on various slots available and that can be played on both online or offline and at the casino floor.
  • For online, it also emphasizes sites that allows US-based players to join.
  • First voice tone. The style of writing in the site is very conversational. In comparison to other sites I reviewed before, this one has personal style of writing.
  • I was able to pick up points in the tips and frequently asked question section.
For improvements, I hope they can also include photos and videos of the various slot types and games available for further familiarity on the part of the reader.

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