Handling Membership Retention Challenges - a chat with Jojy Azurin

It is interesting whenever something online catches your attention and eventually become an inspiration or model for what you want your site to become. That is the feeling I got when I signed up for Business Summaries, a membership-based site that gives members an executive book summary every week.

At some point last year, I almost thought of creating something similar with it through this blog. Realizing later on that I'm not ready for it.

Last February 25, I got the chance to meet the entrepreneur behind Business Summaries and that is Jojy Azurin. Thanks to entrepreneur of a public relations agency in the Philippines, Mel Dominguez, who tagged me along for the meet-up.

Jojy is also known as a pioneer in the search engine optimization field specializing in landing page optimization. He is into affiliate marketing and have done experiments in the said area as well.

As we are both into membership-based sites, I appreciated the insight Jojy shared and some of them I also observed happening in my club site. Some of them are:
  • Having quarterly or monthly schemes may decrease membership retention. Those who charge on a monthly basis often end up losing majority of those who joined on the 2nd or 3rd month.
  • Offer an annual membership upgrade during the 1st 3 months in order not to lose them after such period.
  • Use individual members as champions in getting the companies they work for - to avail of corporate subscription.
  • Experiment with landing pages and pricing rates. Jojy observed that cheap product pricing are often seen as inferior or low quality by visitors. He even sold more when he increased his prices.
On another note, I'm happy to announce that Jojy agreed to give all final top 10 emerging influential blogs for 2009 an annual subscription to Business Summaries. The same goes to 10 writing project participants who may also win a subscription during the raffle. I'll include this in our plug soon.

Also, Jojy is now a club member. =)

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