Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blog round-up and events to check out

There are so many things happening in the blogging community that I ought to share and spread the word. Some of them are:
Browsing the Philippine blogosphere, you might find the following to be of interest:
  • Cheers to Baddie for his new career. I wonder which of his mad skillz worked best. If I'll be able to write something as "astig" as he does it, I'll be very happy.

  • I find Migs' twitter-style (or theme) blog to be interesting. I hope someone will create a similar template for blogger.

  • Lestat shared his personal experience in reclaiming his blog's Google PageRank in one week.

  • I enjoyed Lauren's intimate post about the girlfriend thing. I thought when you get settled down, that thing passes, but it is still there when there's so much love.

  • Woobie shared an old post on the art of kiss and tell. It reminds me of Xerex.

  • For those of you who are subscribed to so many blog feeds, Eugene shares a tip on how to organize feeds by priority.

  • Have you seen a peel-away ad? Jepoy has one and it might be worth checking out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Love and Death

My sincerest thanks to all friends who gave prayers and condolences for the passing of my niece, Aleah or Iya. My sister sends her appreciation too.

I have never been good in dealing with death. Grief strucks me always on a delayed manner. I miss my niece and have strong faith that the family will be ok soon.