Most Bloggers Want to Make Money on their Blog - Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2008: What and Why of Blogging

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On the 2nd day, Technorati released 2nd part of its series on the State of the Blogosphere 2008 focusing on the What and Why of Blogging.

Some items that caught my attention:
  • The popularity of blogs will continue to escalate as a growing number of bloggers see its potential to earn income either on a supplemental, full-time job, to primary income source. This opportunity may further attract younger bloggers, especially from Asia, to pursue this.

  • Bloggers are social networkers as most blog to speak their mind, share knowledge, meet new people, and even be recognized in an industry. This in turn requires revealing of identity where most bloggers don't mind.

  • A successful blog means a lot of things to different people. But mostly agree that it is mostly about personal satisfaction (being happy in what one does).

  • More companies are becoming open in giving free products to bloggers.
These are initial thoughts and will update as I get more insight.

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