Bloggers Blog About Brands: Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2008: Brands Enter the Blogsophere

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Technorati released the 3rd to 5th (last) installment its series on the State of the Blogosphere 2008 focusing on the How of Blogging, Blogging for Profit, and Brands Enter the Blogosphere.

Some observations based on the report:
  • Bloggers who publish quality post several times a day and create readership events tend to thrive.

  • European bloggers spend and earn more in blogging.

  • Asian bloggers seems to earn more compared to its US counterpart based on ad values/revenues.

  • There are two findings in the report that I didn't include in the mind map:
    • time spent on TV, Internet, radio, etc. (long usage on the Net in my studies is affected by how long has the user been using the Internet)
    • perception of blogs and media (as bloggers are also the respondent and therefore more likely to be supportive on the potential of the medium)

  • Brands managers should take blogs seriously. 80% of bloggers mention brands in their blog either as a review, love, hate, or experience sharing.
Prior to this, I published two post giving early snap shots about the report:

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