25 Thinking Skills for Thinkers

(Click on the mind map image for a bigger view)

In Edward De Bono's Thinking Course book, there are at least twenty-five thinking skills tackled in the book that are under the following areas.
However, I guess those who did not have the chance to read it won't necessarily get the rationale. I created a mind map version of the Thinking Course, the way I perceived the lessons learned from the book. The idea is to discuss each thinking skill in the group and put it into practice.

In the real world, its application to a person like me is to make a deliberate effort to think things through, not simply following patterns and emotions that I am comfortable with.

It will also help me analyze how decisions of others are made and the thinking process applied.
In the process, be adequate in dealing with their thinking style.

I hope you will also take an interest in this topic and join the thinking activities so we can learn more from each other's experience.

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