Transition: From Big to Small, Small to Big

Announcement about Jason Calacanis retiring from blogging are all over the blogosphere these days. It came at a time when I was finishing a summary of John Maxwell's The 24 Undeniable Laws of Success. I am more than supportive of such a decision.

The bigger people are, the harder they fall. John Maxwell, in his book, observes that leaders pray, unite, risk, plan, observe, sacrifice, and expect more than the ordinary person. Perhaps that is why some decisions doesn't make sense.

Leaders have different ways of handling conflicts. They can take the risk of making decisions they believe will be for the good of those that they cared for, no matter how unpopular, and stay committed to their cause. Often, these trying times reflects also of the discomfort, dissatisfaction, and disruption that leaders deal with in their lives.

However, if this will allow you to become all you can be and bring out the best in others, then I guess it is worth it.

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