August 11 Eyeball: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2008 Winners Announcement

First, many thanks to those who submitted entries to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project. Let us meet up on August 11, 2008 Monday, 6 pm to 9 pm at The Legend Villas and get to know each other more! The venue is located at #60 Pioneer St. (corner Madison St.) Mandaluyong City. (This is near MRT Boni Avenue Station. Check out the map for more info.)

We are fortunate to have two sponsors for this eyeball event. They are:

Slycesoft Games Development is a small but agile creative and technology company specializing in design-to-deployment game development, 3d virtual walk through, and online virtual worlds. Prototypes include Away Agila, a 3D fighting game; Dyipoy, a Virtual Jeepney experience; and SunIsland, an Online Virtual World.

Legend Hotels International Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned and Filipino-managed chain of hotels that provides accommodation beyond 600 rooms to a wide range of clientele - company executives, families, OFW's, balikbayans, provincial business travelers, local and foreign tourists.

Program shall be as follows:
Writing project participants are requested to confirm their attendance by posting a comment here. Non-writing project participants interested to join are requested to sign-up as a Club member.

The following have confirmed their attendance:
  1. Myk
  2. Philos
  3. Bambi
  4. Joey
  5. Harrell
  6. Lionheart
  7. Sonn
  8. Arpee
  9. Patricio
  10. Cai
  11. Coy
  12. Manuel
  13. George
  14. Marcelle
  15. Jan Alvin
  16. Benj
  17. Shari
  18. Eugene
  19. Aethen
  20. Azrael
  21. Poyt
  22. Brian
  23. Joliber Mapiles
  24. Bloggista
  25. Prudence
  26. c5
  27. Ed
  28. Fitz
  29. Juned
  30. Jaydj
  31. Joan Pinon
  32. Regg
  33. Aileen Apolo
  34. Arbet
  35. Joan Pinon
  36. Fritz
  37. Gwen Nava
  38. Baklang AJ
  39. Jehzlau
  40. Micamyx
I will update this post as we receive confirmation.

Thank you!

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