Today Impacts Tomorrow's Success

John Maxwell highlighted in his book "Today Matters" how daily things, if not handled properly will impact any success desires we have tomorrow. The following are also misconceptions about success:
  • Success is
    • impossible
    • productivity
    • an event
  • Success comes from
    • luck
    • an opportunity
    • leverage
    • connection
    • recognition
Maxwell argued that success comes from making a decision early and manage it daily. The book Today Matters focuses on the daily dozen that if worked on and checked daily can make everyday a masterpiece and attain the success we desire tomorrow.

This includes checking on our:
  1. Attitude that gives us possibilities
    1. Choosing positive attitude
    2. Change the negative ones
    3. Show gratitude to other people
    4. Express appreciation
    5. Manifest positive attitude
  2. Priorities gives us focus
    1. Determine things that are:
      1. required
      2. better result
      3. great return
  3. Health gives us strength
    1. Know your health situation
    2. Improve your lifestyle for longevity
    3. Follow correct health habits
  4. Family gives us stability
    1. Care for the family and give the priority it deserves
    2. Communicate daily
  5. Thinking gives us an advantage
    1. Develop thinking skills
    2. Interact with thinking people
    3. Practice your thinking
  6. Finances gives us options
    1. Earn substantial enough to make life comfortable
    2. Manage finances to avoid getting into debt and trouble
  7. Faith gives us peace
    1. Deepen our faith - strength and perspective
    2. Live-out our faith. Overcome and prevail on tests.
  8. Relationships gives us fulfillment
    1. Reach out and build relationship
    2. Invest in relationships by adding value and provide support.
  9. Generosity gives us significance
    1. Helping others, through part of what we have, makes our lives more significant.
    2. Plan and do it regularly.
  10. Values gives us direction
    1. Knowing where our values lie, in support of the 12 items listed here, can help support whenever we have to make decisions in our lives and its impact to them.
  11. Growth gives us potential
    1. Developing ourselves to acquire new skills and further develop our potential to attain success goals.
This book is a good read and can help you assess how you live your life today.

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