Promoting a writing project

Idea for writing project promotion - mind map

Promoting a writing project nowadays requires more promotion efforts than usual. This is partly attributed to numerous developments happening online and offline where becoming prioritized is a major challenge. This is especially true if a writing project intends to attract a global audience and the blog organizing it is unknown to the majority.

For the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project, I usually do the following. Some of them are already in motion while the others are on its way:
  • Submit to social media sites (Digg,, StumbleUpon, Facebook) with the intent of spreading the word. The key to success in this area is getting more folks to do the same.
  • Advertising is one way of getting attention from target participants. I am using Entrecard and Google AdWords for this purpose. 
  • Giveaways are also an important attraction to any writing project. For now, 10 winners of US$100 each was created for entries who submits an entry citing 10 qualified blogs. 
  • Updates about the writing project are done on a weekly basis showing a summary of entries and blogs cited. An entry masterlist and blogs cited masterlist also gets created.
  • Announcing the writing project and its summary is also done through Twitter. A big chunk of entries outside of the Philippines came through this medium. 
  • Interact with fellow bloggers by visiting various blogs is something that I make time for once to twice a week. Sending email to fellow bloggers is also something that I make time for once a week.
  • Will also be using Empire Avenue for this purpose and hope to attract participants from there this year (added: February 28, 2012)
  • Events can help boost writing project participation. Last year, entries were dwindling in the latter weeks but upon announcement of an eyeball event, there was a surge of entries. Tying it up to a conference is also another option to ensure maximum exposure of club members.
There are more ideas coming in that I haven't included in that mind map yet. However, I will update this soon once I've executed all the ideas above and be ready to share newer ones.

Additional suggestions are more than welcome too. Cheers!

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