Persuading the unwilling

"I'm afraid to drive
and I don't know why
I'm jealous of the people who
are not afraid to drive."

Sounds corny no? (That is the 1st paragraph of the song "Falling" and edited.)

I've always wanted to learn how to drive when I was younger. My Dad taught me once in Kalookan. After one round in our area, he left me inside the car and like any over-excited learner, I started the engine and my Dad chased me (of course, I stopped the car). He never gave me a driving lesson again.

My desire to drive also diminished with the following reasons:
  1. Metro Manila traffic. I always had this reasoning that I might just die in a car accident if I'll ever drive.

  2. I like to treat travel time as sleeping time. I always tend to fall asleep whenever inside a transportation vehicle unless I get engaged in an interesting conversation.

  3. I'm afraid of myself. I somehow knew that I tend to exploit whatever skill I gained. Driving a go-kart twice got me overly excited that made me want to do it more if not for the hot weather and far venues. Please don't put up a go-kart area in Commonwealth / Fairview area!

    So with that, learning to drive might push me to explore a road trip. Still my #1 fear prevails on this one.
But now that we have a 2nd home, at least up to 2010, in Australia, my partner is asking me again to learn how to drive. He reasoned that my #1 fear is unlikely to happen as the roads in Adelaide is completely the opposite in Metro Manila. There's no traffic either. The rules are more defined and observed by the citizens. There's even incentive or subsidy for using environmental friendly engines / fuel.

Upon return to Adelaide the last time, he observed my enthusiasm when Honda launches the VCM 643 as a friend got a project in relation to that and got me involved. He is now using this pitch on me to get the Aussie version of that vehicle. Now I'm not sure who influenced who.

I'm fixing my driving license this month so I guess I will eventually learn how to drive. It is inevitable.

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