Managing 1100++ mobile phone contacts

When preparing for events, sending emails (days before the event) and text messages (reminder a day or two before and on the day itself) to contacts is important for communication purposes. The latter I do especially for evening activities.

When preparing for the May 9 E-Commerce / E-Business Owners Meet-up, I realized that my 3-year old mobile phone number has accumulated more than 1100 contacts. Mostly got added after I receive an important call and save their information.

When I was using a Nokia Communicator, I have created groups in my phone. However, upon switching to N95, I just realized that managing a contact based through it will be harder.

Gradually, I started using online text messaging tools again to communicate with friends and contacts for activity reminder purposes. This ranges from Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, and GTalk. One account I also activated is Chikka (downloadable and online).

I have been using Chikka since it started and enjoyed the free text messages allotment. Although I lied low for quite sometime. Upon discovering that I had more than 1100 contacts in my address book, I knew that I need to start to relying on other tools.

Trying out the all-new Chikka. It is a web-based version of the original Chikka Messenger. Some of its features:
  • Web-based
  • Universal messaging as it is compatible with other IM netorks from Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, MSN and ICQ. Signing in to all your IMs is quick and easy with the new auto-login feature.
  • Text for free to the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Guam, Saipan and the Philippines you can now text over 100 countries with rates starting only at 10 US cents per message sent. Simply sign up for a Chikka Wallet and load credits using PayPal to enjoy this feature.
What makes me eager further about this application is its ongoing program for working with web 2.0 and social network application developers. If such pushes through well, it means users will have more applications to use with Chikka. also notes of the Chikka weekly raffle where 3 users will win an iPod Touch, Nano (3G) and Shuffle. This will start this Friday, May 9, and every week till July 24. To qualify for the raffle, just invite and build your Chikka contacts.

I've always been proud of Chikka because it is a unique Filipino innovation and a pioneer in this type of service (patented). Here are some who have blogged about their Chikka experience:
I also found the following on YouTube:

Chikka TVC ad for the US

Google and Chikka announcement

New Chikka 2.0

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