When Edward De Bono Contradicts De Bono

With its restricted dissemination, I somehow feel that Edward De Bono contradicted himself with the book The De Bono Code. (01/6) The book is all about using number or codes to impart a thought or intention to avoid misinterpretation. I agree with the premise that language, although it has allowed us to communicate with each other, has also become a barrier as there are situations where we have different understanding. Hence, description is not perception.

I feel that with the emergence of 140 character message services, like Twitter, using the De Bono Code can help us in communicating with each other. But alas, despite what I know, I can't share the code and promote its use as license is required.

I hope that if Edward De Bono really wants the code to grow, it should be opened and shared (02/2). With that, it may spark further interest to the code and lead to widespread use. Else, there's no incentive for avid followers like me to remember and use when it can hardly be used to communicate with others as there's not much would know. Else, it will just become an elitist language.

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