Friendster still number 1 social network in Asia

Despite the growing number of social networks, pioneer thrives with 80,000 registrants signing up everyday according to its March 2008 at-a-glance brief.

The younger generation, especially in Asia, flocks that makes the site still leading today. While the grown ups got hook to what they consider to be their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Multiply, still has its own clique especially among the young.

Some interesting facts to know about (based on its March 2008 brief):
  • 65 million registered users.
    • Number 1 social network in Asia with 49 million registered users.
      • Asia users are at the age 16 to 30 years old. (or even younger than 16)
      • 55% female, 45% male
    • 26 million registered in 2007

  • Received 37 million unique visitors in February 2008 worldwide.
    • 32 million monthly unique visitors from Asia.
    • 17 million monthly unique visitors in 2007

  • 8th largest website in terms of traffic
  • 3rd largest social network, serving over 16.1 billion pages
  • 1st in user engagement among the top global social networks
    • average of 206 minutes per visitor per month
      • YouTube (97 minutes)
      • Google (46 minutes)

  • Top 15 countries accessing Friendster are:
  • Friendster is available in 6 languages
    • 66% or three quarters of a billion can now use the site.
Despite everything that has been written on the politics and competition that had threatened's standing in the social network arena, the site still has much to offer and with a loyal community who puts value in it. And if Asia will truly drive the growth of the Internet, as said by Vint Cerf, then Friendster has a limited or unlimited, depending on perspective, window of opportunity in its hands.

On another note, David Jones, VP-Marketing of will deliver the keynote message in the forthcoming Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines 2008 this May 20. His colleague, marketing director Jeff Roberto, will also be giving an overview of the site's application development program on May 21. is one of the exhibitors and will be speaking for the first time in a Philippines social networking conference event.


Anonymous said…
Interesting stats, I just spent two and a half hours last night looking for high school friends I haven't heard from for ten years. Despite the popularity of Facebook and Myspace in the US, Filipino users, and the rest of Asia, are still using Friendster because their friends are also using it. People will go to where the community is. And currently, the Asian online community are connecting to each other through Friendster. It even extends to their friends and relatives who are in the US, the Mid-East and everywhere else in the world. Amazing how some users can gather 900+ "friends"...

Thanks for the write-up and for the info!

Twitter: rizza1

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