FOCUS is needed to Influence

B. Kim Barnes, author of the book "Exercising Influence," said that to become an effective influencer, one must have FOCUS.
  • Flexible
    • Be open to alternative means for as long as the outcome goal shall be achieved.
    • For example, this may include working with other groups, foster shared ownership, in order to achieve the goal.

  • Observable
    • Design in a way that you can see whether you are nearly achieving the goal or not, then adjust.
    • Have a clear target that you can control like achieving a revenue target or target number of members.

  • Courageous
    • It must be optimistic, with a degree of success or failure risk, to make the effort worthwhile.
    • Be ambitious in order to make it worthwhile, whether you succeed or fail.

  • Useful
    • Achieve longer term important results, not short term ego needs.

  • Supportive
    • Influence activities must be aligned with big picture goals.
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