The Secret: 13 Years of Freelancing

I started venturing into full time freelance in mid-1995. It started with my first article that was published in the September 1995 issue of PCWorld Philippines and two months later paved the way for my first outsourcing project in a major holdings company based in Cubao, Quezon City that year.

All these years, I still get reminders from family and loved ones about the uncertainty of my path being freelance and all. However, I never really felt fear that much compared to others who have gone through the same freelancing stage.

While reading Rhonda Bryne's book "The Secret", I realized that I had it, felt it, and subconsciously knew it. I've always set my mind that I'll be a self-supporting freelancer and no doubting words stopped or de-motivated me from living it.

As stated in The Secret, what we set our minds into is what we attract. Whenever we doubt ourselves or our capabilities, the more things will not likely work out as we attract those circumstances.

I've set my mind of being able to do some stuff this year and I know that I'll be able to make it. At times when I doubted myself, it feeds and create more doubt. Our expectations and desires can be powerful enough to resonate, if we really want to, and all events shall fall into place to make it happen.

The book also encourages us to be thankful or have gratitude to the things we have. Whoever, whatever, has helped you to be where you are today, be thankful for them. This sense of thankfulness also makes us patient on other people's shortcomings for we see their value, past and present, to who they are in a bigger picture.

Visualizing a successful situation motivates you to get into action and make that happen. Having to travel a lot this year and maintain two households requires everything to be on a clear budget and well-planned activity schedule. The attitude I took that I'll be able to manage and maintain resources affected all of my activity sequencing. Before I knew it, am actually set for action beyond my goals and have programs laid out up to the end of this year.

How about you? What's your secret?

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