Blogging Connections and Upcoming Events

The coming two months will surely be interesting due to numerous events about to happen. Some of them includes:
Here are some blog posts that I enjoyed reading:
  • Connie Veneracion shared pictures of her recent food trip in Boracay. Just found out that we have the same allergy to shrimps.
  • Pamela Angela's encounter with Reese Witherspoon makes me so envious. I love Elle Woods and know the feeling of wearing grandma's clothes (worn a long yellow cocktail dress while singing "Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko" during Linggo ng Wika in high school aahhh!).
  • Jove Francisco's post about his recent coverage inside the Presidential palace, where allies insinuated that the worst is over, gives you a feeling that PGMA is really affected on what is going on, no matter how her supporters tries to put up a show.
  • On a related note, John Nery also wrote how Jun Lozada may lose his groove. I can't help but think how long can Jun Lozada sustain what he is doing now. Perhaps he should also start blogging. I met this guy twice (casual hi and hello), both in Microsoft events, I think he can use blogging as a medium pretty well.
  • AteSienna posted a reaction to how much money are being spent by the rich folks Brian Gorrell cited in his blog, in comparison to the poverty situation of the country.
  • Liz blogs about how much time she spents online surfing the web and social network.
  • Dave Llorito says jobs are not scarce. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine is looking for part time writers.
  • I can't help but laugh after reading the scrap notes that Aileen gets in some social networking websites. Lots of them in Orkut. I think I have to learn how to disable the scraps portion of it.
  • I'm going to the library later to see if the movies reviewed by the Wily Filipino is available.


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