Blog round-up and events to check out

There are so many things happening in the blogging community that I ought to share and spread the word. Some of them are:
Browsing the Philippine blogosphere, you might find the following to be of interest:
  • Cheers to Baddie for his new career. I wonder which of his mad skillz worked best. If I'll be able to write something as "astig" as he does it, I'll be very happy.

  • I find Migs' twitter-style (or theme) blog to be interesting. I hope someone will create a similar template for blogger.

  • Lestat shared his personal experience in reclaiming his blog's Google PageRank in one week.

  • I enjoyed Lauren's intimate post about the girlfriend thing. I thought when you get settled down, that thing passes, but it is still there when there's so much love.

  • Woobie shared an old post on the art of kiss and tell. It reminds me of Xerex.

  • For those of you who are subscribed to so many blog feeds, Eugene shares a tip on how to organize feeds by priority.

  • Have you seen a peel-away ad? Jepoy has one and it might be worth checking out.


Anonymous said…
thanks for the plug. I also promoted iblog 4 at the end of the show....the host, Tony Velasquez remembers iblog.
Anonymous said…
I'd like to think my web development skillz are my bread and butter, but I'll be utilizing a lot of my skillz in my new job so YAY!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the promo! I hope more bloggers join the Davao Food Trip this March. :)
Anonymous said…
btw, the deadline of the Filipina stories was moved to March 16.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the backlink. I LOL'd at the description^^ Xerex, haha

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